Custom fees

If there are common custom charges that you add to a customer's order, such as fees for local delivery or customizations, then you can save them as a smart grid tile. This lets you quickly tap the smart tile to add the custom charge to an order.

Add a custom fee tile to your smart grid

You can preset custom fee tiles in your smart grid to enable you to quickly add them to customer carts.


  1. From the Shopify POS app, tap Add tile within the grid.

  2. Tap Fee, enter a title and price for the custom fee, and then tap Save.

Add a custom fee to a customer cart

In addition to using the preset custom fee tiles in your smart grid, you can add custom fees to a customer's cart. Only one custom fee can be applied to a cart. To add multiple fees, add the total amount as a single custom fee.


  1. Tap the Custom fee tile in your smart grid.

  2. Review the amount, and then tap save.

To remove a custom fee, tap the Remove fee tile in your smart grid.

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