Local pickup for online orders

You can set up the option for customers to pick up their online orders at your retail store, curbside, or any location that you choose.

To do this, enable the local pickup option for each location where customers can go to get their orders.

The shipping rate for local pickup is set to Free and can't be changed.

Each pickup order requires you or a staff member to verify that each item is in stock. After you verify each item, you can send a notification to the customer that the order is ready. You can also print a pickup slip to attach to the order.

When a customer comes to get their order, you need to change the order status within Shopify from unfulfilled to fulfilled. This signals to you and your staff that the order has been picked up and no further action is required.

You can add pickup delivery instructions by managing the preferences for your pickup locations. For example, you can use pickup to offer curb-side pickup. After a customer places an order online and arrives at your store, you can have them call you and then you can bring their order out to them.


If your store has multiple locations, then to use the pickup option you need to have multi-origin shipping activated.

If you have questions about the eligibility requirements, then contact Shopify Support.

Checkout experience

After you enable the local pickup option, your customers can choose between Ship and Pick up in the Delivery method section of your checkout. When they select Pick up, they can choose the location where they want to pick up their order.

Customers see the Pick up option only if they meet the following requirements:

  • All the products in the cart are eligible for pickup.
  • All the products are available in inventory at a pickup location.

A customer can't choose to have some items shipped and some items picked up on the same order. Instead, the customer should place two separate orders. If you're using a theme that supports pickup availability, then the customer can see whether a product is available for pickup before they add it to their cart.

Before setting up local pickup

You need to complete the following before you can offer local pickup:

Set up the local pickup option

You need to set up the local pickup option for each location where customers can go to get their orders.

Setup includes enabling local pickup, choosing the expected pickup time that customers see when they check out, and specifying any pickup instructions in the Order ready for pickup notification.

Manage preferences for a local pickup location

The settings for each local pickup location include the following:

  • Enabling or disabling local pickup.
  • Specifying any instructions or information related to pickup, such as store hours or a reminder to the customer to bring a copy of their order confirmation. The information is included in the notification that you send when you prepare an order for pickup.
  • Choosing the estimated pickup time to show when the customer checks out. For example, you might choose Usually ready in 2 hours.

Locations that fulfill pickup orders only

You can set up a location to fulfill pickup orders only. This means that a location won't fulfill any orders that require shipping.


Before you set up a location to fulfill pickup orders only, review the following considerations:

  • If a customer tries to select a shipping method at checkout with a product that's available only at a location that fulfills pickup orders only, then the customer receives an error message that the product can't be shipped.
  • Products that require shipping and products that are pickup only can't be in the same cart. If a customer tries to check out with both types of products, then an error message displays that products are out of stock. Customers must complete two separate transactions, one with only the products that can be shipped and another with only the products for pickup.

Set up a location to fulfill pickup orders only

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Locations.
  2. Click Add location.
  3. Add the details of the location, ensure that Fulfill online orders from this location enabled, and then click Save.
  4. Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery.
  5. For each shipping zone in each shipping profile, do the following:
    1. Next to the shipping profile, click Manage.
    2. In the shipping zone in to the Shipping from section, click Show details
    3. Next to the location you created, click Manage.
    4. Select the remove rates option, click Done, and then click Save.

After you set up your location, you might want to adjust which products are available to each location.

Show pickup availability to your customers

Some themes let you show customers whether a product is available for local pickup. On each product page, a pickup availability section shows whether the product is available, and the estimated time frame for pickup.

After local pickup is enabled, the product page displays whether the product is available for pickup at one or more of your local pickup locations. This information appears only for products that are stocked at at least one pickup location and have This is a physical product selected in the Shipping section of a product variant's details.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.

  2. Select a product.

  3. Under Variants, select a variant.

  4. Under Shipping, check This is a physical product.

  5. Click Save.

If you have local pickup enabled for only one location, then the location and pickup availability is displayed for that location. Customers can click View store information to learn more about the pickup location.

If you have local pickup enabled for more than one location, then the pickup availability section displays the location and pickup availability for one of your stores. Customers can click Check availability at other stores to check the product's availability at all of your locations that have pickup enabled.

This feature is currently available in Dawn, and several paid themes in the Shopify Theme Store.

Customize notification emails for local pickup

As part of local pickup, emails are sent to customers automatically about the status of their order.

You can customize the default text of each notification.

Customers who choose to pickup their order are sent the following email notifications:

  • Order confirmation
  • Order ready for pickup
  • Order picked up

Customize the Order confirmation notification

Customize the Order ready for pickup notification

You can customize the content of the Order ready for pickup notification for each location.

Customize the Order picked up notification

Add the Home screen tile for local pickup

If you add the tile for local pickup to your Home screen, then you can quickly find all orders that need to be prepared for pickup or marked as picked up.

After you add the tile, it will display the number of orders that need to be prepared for pickup. You can tap the Local Pickup tile to see the orders that need your attention.


  1. On the Home screen of the Shopify POS app, tap Add tile.

  2. Go to Fullfillment > View pickup orders.

  3. Tap Add.

  4. On the Home screen, tap Done.

Enable local pickup notifications

You can enable or disable push notifications from Shopify POS on your device to alert you when you receive a new local pickup order. When notifications are enabled, you can tap the notification to start the pickup workflow.


  1. From Shopify POS, tap > Settings > Notifications.

  2. Tap the toggle switch to enable or disable notifications.

Prepare an order for pickup

After a customer has selected to pickup their order and completed their purchase, you or a member of your staff need to set aside the order items and notify the customer that their order is ready for pickup.

You can set up an email notification to let you know when a customer has placed an order.

Mark an order as picked up

After a customer picks up their order, change the order's status to Fulfilled.

It is also a good practice to confirm the order number and the customer's name when they come to pick up their order. If you printed the order's pickup slip, then you can scan the QR code to look up the order.

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