Create a POS login QR code

Typically, before you can use the Shopify POS app to process sales, a Point of Sale staff member must log in to the app with an admin username and password. However, you can generate a QR code so that POS staff members who don't have admin credentials can open the Shopify POS app log in on a single device at a specific location with their PIN. To generate a QR code, you must be assigned a role that has all the admin permissions allowed.

Generate a QR code

Before you generate a QR code, verify the following:

  • the POS-only staff member has a POS PIN
  • the location has a POS Pro subscription


  1. From the Shopify admin, in the SALES CHANNELS section, click Point of Sale > Locations.
  2. Select the location that you want to generate code for.
  3. Click Set up QR code login.
  4. Under Email QR code, search for the Point of Sale staff member who you want to send the code to, and then click Email QR code.
  5. Optional: If you need a staff member to log in to multiple devices at the same location, or if the code has expired, click Generate new QR code. Generating a new code doesn't impact previous codes, and they will still be valid..

Log in using a QR code

  1. On the Shopify POS login screen, tap Log in with QR code.
  2. Scan the QR code using your device's camera.
  3. Optional: if you cannot scan the QR code, tap Use URL, enter the URL, and tap Next.

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