Buy Button

The Buy Button sales channel lets you easily add ecommerce to your blog, website, or email campaign using Buy Buttons that connect with a Shopify checkout. You can use Buy Buttons to:

  • Sell your products on WordPress, Squarespace, on your own website, or wherever you've already built an audience online.

  • Add Shopify ecommerce, including product pages, an embedded cart, and secure checkout, to your current website. No matter where you sell your products, you can keep track of orders through your Shopify admin.

  • Match any webpage's theme by customizing the style and format of your Buy Buttons and embedded cart. Both are fully responsive, and offer your customers a great experience on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Next steps

If you're ready to add the Buy Button sales channel to your Shopify business, get started now:

  1. Add the Buy Button sales channel in Shopify
  2. Generate embed code for your Buy Button or collection
  3. Add the embed code to the source HTML of your website

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