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Buy Buttons help you add your products to your external website and blog posts. They also make purchasing the products easier for customers by removing the need to go to a separate page to finalize their order.

A Buy Button is a like a shortcut for buying one of your products. You can place Buy Buttons on your non-Shopify website or blog. The Buy Button can show information such as your product picture, description, price, and the ability to checkout and purchase that product without leaving the website. The product information is updated as you make changes or updates to your products in your Shopify admin.

For example, Fen sells clothing and accessories for sun protection. They create a Buy Button for their best-selling sun hat. Fen writes a blog post on Wordpress about the risk of sunburn even on a cloudy day and adds the Buy Button to the blog post. When someone reads the blog post, they can choose to buy the sun hat by clicking on the Buy Button. They complete their order without ever having to leave the blog.

You can track Buy Button orders from your Shopify admin.

You use the Buy Button sales channel to create Buy Buttons. The Buy Button sales channel is included in all Shopify plans.

You can also use the Buy Button channel to create checkout links that you can then share with customers through an email campaign, direct message, or social media post.

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