Customer experience

Customers can start conversations with you in Messenger by using the Message Us button on your online store or the Message button on your business's Facebook page. After customers start a conversation with you, they can start shopping if they tap:

  • the Get started button
  • the menu button
  • the Continue shopping button in their order confirmation message.

Collections that you've set as available on the Messenger channel will appear to your customers in Messenger. You can keep track of Messenger orders from the sales channel overview on your Shopify admin.

Getting started

When your customers start a conversation with you, the first thing that they see is your welcome page:

The information that appears here comes from the About section of your business's Facebook page.

After your customer taps Get started, they can choose to Shop now, View website, or Learn more:

Your customers can also start shopping by tapping the Menu button in the Messenger app or by tapping Continue shopping from their order confirmation messages:

Browse collections

When your customers start shopping in Messenger, they can browse through available collections:

Up to 10 collections will appear. After a customer selects a collection, they'll see the first 10 products that it includes. When a customer taps Buy now..., they can complete their purchase using your store's checkout.

Choose product options

After your customer has found a product, they can tap to read its product description or choose a specific product option:

They can use responses in Messenger to choose product options like size and color:

After your customer has chosen a specific product option, they can buy it by tapping the Buy now... button in Messenger:

Using the checkout, your customer can complete their purchase directly in Messenger:

Share products

Your customers can share links to your products with their contacts in Messenger. After they've chosen a specific option for a product, they can tap Share:

Messenger will show a list of your customer's contacts, sorted by their most recent conversations. Your customer can tap SEND beside the name of the contact that they want to share your product with.

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