Selling on Frenzy

You can sell limited edition products with the Frenzy sales channel. Frenzy allows you to set up flash sales to sell your most exclusive products in an exciting mobile marketplace.

With Frenzy, you have the option to create geographically restricted areas for sales, called dropzones. If you add a dropzone to your sale, then customers need to be present in a specific area before they can see and buy products in the sale. You can build the hype for your product by using dropzones to turn a sale into a digital pop-up shop.

Frenzy sales are visible only within the Frenzy mobile app, which is available for iOS or Android devices.

Eligibility requirements

To sell your products on Frenzy, your store needs to meet a few requirements:

Add or update your store details in Frenzy

After your store is approved for selling on Frenzy, the channel is automatically installed to your Shopify admin. You can add your store URL and social links so that your customers can find you after seeing your sale on the Frenzy app.


  1. From your Shopify admin, under Sales channels, click Frenzy.

  2. Click Add your store logo.

Frenzy logo example

  1. On the Account page, upload your store's logo by clicking Upload image and selecting an image from your device.

Frenzy upload image button

  1. Optional: Enter URLs for your online store and social media accounts. If you add a URL, then it is displayed as a link on the sale and order status page in the Frenzy app.

  2. Optional: Set a return policy for Frenzy orders. Customers can view your return policy on your sale in the Frenzy app.

  3. Click Save.

Update your store details

You can make changes to your store details at any time.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Frenzy > Account.
  2. Make any changes to your store details.
  3. Click Save.

Frenzy sale approval guidelines

Frenzy sales are subject to approval from the Frenzy team. After a sale has been approved, you can’t makes changes to the sale. There a few guidelines for approval:

  • The products that you select for the sale need to be limited edition and highly sought after. A recommended inventory count is 950 or less. If you want your products to available only in Frenzy, then turn the availability off for other sales channels.
  • The background image needs to meet the design recommendations.
  • The sale needs to be submitted for approval at least 24 hours in advance of the publishing date and time.
  • The sale needs a start date and time.

You can view the reasons for a rejected sale on the Sales page in the Frenzy sales channel. Then you can change the sale's details and resubmit.

If a sale is approved, then it will be published in Frenzy at the set time, and will display a countdown to the sale's launch date and time. After the sale is approved, you can't update its products or details.

Create a sale in Frenzy

You can create a sale in Frenzy for up to five products at a time. Make sure that you choose limited edition products, with a recommended inventory count of 950 or less.

When you create a sale, you select a time for the countdown to be visible and set the sale start time. The countdown is displayed on your sale in the Frenzy app. After the sale is visible, customers see a countdown in the Frenzy app, which generates excitement before the sale.

You can't change the selected products or sale times after you submit the sale. If you want to save your progress and come back to configuring your sale later, then click Save without submitting.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Frenzy > Sales.
  2. Click Create sale.
  3. Click Select products.
  4. In the Select products dialog, select up to five products, and then click Select products.
  1. In the Sale types section, select Global sale or Location-based dropzone. Learn more about Frenzy sales types.

  2. In the Sales details section, you can customize the way that your sale will look in the Frenzy app. Learn more about the design recommendations for Frenzy sales. You can customization the following parts of your sale:

    • The title
    • Optional: The description
    • The showcase images
    • The theme
  3. Optional: In the Sale countdown section, select the date and time for your sale countdown to be visible in the Frenzy app. If you don't add a countdown date for your sale, then the countdown displayed in the Frenzy app after the sale approved.

  4. Optional: Select Only when a customers clicks the URL to make the sale available only to customers who click on the sale's link. Learn more about secret sales in the Frenzy app.

  5. In the Sale start section, select the time when your products will be available for purchase.

  1. Click Submit sale for review.

After you submit a sale, you need to wait for the sale to be approved. The approval process can take up to 24 hours. When your sale is approved, you receive an email. After the sale is approved, you can't change the sale's products or details.

Frenzy sale types

There are two types of sale available in the Frenzy app. Global sales are available to customers who are in regions covered by your shipping zones. Location-based dropzones allow you to set up a sale for a geographically restricted area.

Location-based dropzone

When you create a Location-based dropzone, your customers need to be in the specified area before they can buy your products. You can set a dropzone to be as small or as large as you want. The smaller the dropzone, the closer people are grouped together during the sale. You can also select a city and state wide dropzone. Dropzones apply only to Frenzy sales and are not available in other sales channels.

After you have configured your dropzone you can indicate whether products will be shipped or if your customers will need to pick them up in person. There is space to provide instructions for pick up, which will be emailed to the customer along with their order confirmation.

Custom perimeter dropzones


Perimeter zone

  1. Click the draw tool

  2. Click the map to create the first corner of your perimeter.

  3. Click each corner of the area to draw a fence, ending with the first place that you clicked.

If you need to change the dropzone, then click Clear on the map and draw a new area. The dropzone for your sale is the area that is shaded on the map.

City and state dropzones

To set a valid city or state dropzone, find your location in the search bar. After you have selected a valid city or state, the boundaries are set automatically. If you need to change the dropzone, then click Clear on the map and select a different city or state:

City state zone

Make products available for in-store pickup or shipping

You can decide to make a product that is included in your Frenzy sale available for in-store pickup, or you can ship it to customers.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.

  2. Click the name of the product.

  3. If the product has variants, then you need to set shipping options for each variant. Click the name of a variant that is included in your Frenzy sale.

  4. Choose a shipping option:

    • If you want the product or variant to be available for in-store pickup, then make sure that This is a physical product is unchecked. Customers won't enter their shipping address or choose a shipping method when buying this product.
    • If you want the product or variant to ship to customers, then make sure that This is a physical product is checked. You need to use price-based or weight-based manual shipping rates for products that require shipping.
  5. If you've made any changes to the product details, then click Save.

Sales promotion

The sale URL becomes available in Sales promotion section after your sale is approved. Customers can use this URL to go directly to your sale in the Frenzy app when accessed from their iPhone, or to a web-based sale preview when accessed from other devices. You can share your sale URL with customers to lead them directly to your sale in the Frenzy app.

In the Sale countdown section, you can indicate if the sale is accessible to a customer only after they click the sale URL. You can use this to create a secret sale. A secret sale is hidden from customers who do not have access to the URL. This feature can be used to promote special sales on social media or using email.

Design recommendations for Frenzy sales

To make your Frenzy sale look great in the app, you need to follow a few design recommendations.

The title can be up to 30 characters. It can include special characters, such as emoji.

The showcase image needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The image contains a unique product.
  • The product is placed near the center of the image.
  • The image needs to be square cropped.
  • The size needs to be a minimum of 1500 x 1500 px.
  • The resolution is 72 dpi.

Download the photoshop template to see how your background will look in the Frenzy app:

Photoshop template with example

When you select a theme, make sure that the title and countdown are visible on the showcase image. Use Light for showcase images with a dark background, and Dark for showcase images with a light background.

View a list of your Frenzy customers in Shopify

You can view a list of the customers who participated in a Frenzy sale, so that you can see their contact details and add them to marketing initiatives.

When you sell on Frenzy, many customers try to buy the sale products at the same time. Because a Frenzy sale product is only available in limited quantities, it might sell out while a customer is trying to buy it, and the customer won't be able to complete the order. Every customer who buys a product or who tries to buy a product during your Frenzy sale is added to your Customers list in Shopify and a Frenzy tag is added to their customer profile.

You can use a shortcut in the Participants section of the Frenzy sales channel to view a list of your Frenzy customers on the Customers page.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Frenzy > Participants.
  2. Click View Frenzy participants. The Customers page opens, with the Frenzy tag applied as a filter so that only the customers who've used Frenzy are included in the list.

Ending a Frenzy sale

You can manually end a Frenzy sale from your Shopify admin. If you don't end the sale manually, then it ends automatically when the product sells out or after 12 hours from the time it started, whichever comes first.

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