Backups and duplication

If you want to duplicate, backup, or transfer your store's data, you will need to export a series of CSV files from your original store, and import those files into the new store.

Requirements before starting

  1. A basic understanding of CSV files:

    CSV stands for "comma separated values", and is a file format for spreadsheets like .xls and .num. You can export large parts of your Shopify store using CSV files and then import them into another store. Your store can produce a CSV file for your:

    Any CSV file that you upload to your store must be saved with UTF-8 encoding. This is only relevant if you're editing the CSV files between exporting and importing them, not if you're exporting and importing them directly.

  2. Make sure that the new store is on the same subscription plan as the original store. This avoids conflicts like trying to import gift cards into a store that doesn't have the feature enabled. Trying to do so would produce error messages.

    Read more on how to change your plan.

  3. Log in to both stores as the account owner or a staff member with full staff permissions.

Export / import products

To transfer your products from one store to another:

  1. Export your products from the first store.

  2. Optional: Add the collections column to your product CSV file to transfer your collections.

  3. Import your products into the new store.

Export / import customers

To transfer your customers from one store to another:

  1. Export your customers from the first store.

  2. Import your customers into the new store.

Export / import your theme

To transfer your theme from one store to another:

  1. Download your theme from the first store.

  2. Upload your theme into the new store.

(Optional) Export order history

If you want, you can export your orders from the first store.

Orders can not be imported into a store through the Shopify admin, but they can be imported through the Shopify API. This is not supported by Shopify. We recommend visiting our Shopify Experts marketplace to find a developer for hire if you must import orders into the new store.

Other things to do manually

  1. Create your collections.
  2. Reinstall your apps.
  3. Configure settings.
  4. Copy blogs, pages, and notifications.
  5. Rebuild your navigation.

Create your collections

If you did not create collections through adding a column to the product CSV file as recommended above, you'll want to create them manually. This is fastest if you create collections using conditions.

Reinstall your apps

  1. Visit the Apps page of your original store's Shopify admin.

  2. Write down the names of every app you use.

  3. Visit the Shopify Apps Store to search for the apps by name and install them into the new store.

Shopify - store address warning

Configure your settings (taxes, shipping, checkout & payment etc.)

If you need more information to help you configure your settings, please visit these sections of the Shopify Help Center:

Domains Taxes
Shipping Checkout & Payment
General Notifications
Account Files

Copy and paste your blogs & pages

  1. Go to the following areas of the admin in your old store:

  2. Click each blog post and page.

  3. Copy the title and content.

  4. Paste the copied information into new blog posts and pages.

For more information, read the following guides:

Rebuild your navigation

Your navigation can't be imported automatically, which means you might want to:

  1. Add items to your main navigation.
  2. Create a new navigation list.
  3. Create drop-down menus.


You will experience some limitations depending on the type of data you want to copy or transfer. For example, you can't import your visitor traffic data because you're now tracking a new domain. Other limitations include:

  • Orders can only be imported via the Shopify API.
  • Discount codes can't be transferred.
  • Issued gift cards can't be transferred (gift card products will be transferred via the product CSV file).
  • Your saved custom reports can't be transferred.
  • Visitor traffic data can't be transferred.

Create a store backup using an app

If you want to create a backup of your store's data for safekeeping, then you can use an app from the Shopify App Store.

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