Pinterest sales channel

You can use the Pinterest sales channel to enable Pins with links to your Shopify products to be turned into Buyable Pins by Pinterest. Customers can buy your approved products from Buyable Pins directly on Pinterest, and Pinterest orders will be created in your Shopify admin.

Learn about the Pinterest sales channel

Customers can use Pinterest to discover and share products that inspire them. The Pinterest sales channel helps you build your business in some great ways:

  • enables Pins with links to your approved Shopify products to be turned into Buyable Pins by Pinterest

  • creates an order in your Shopify admin when a customer buys your Shopify products on Pinterest

  • allows you to use the Pinterest Tag to track how customers interact with your store.

What's next?

Add the Pinterest sales channel To get started, make sure your store meets Pinterest's eligibility requirements, add the Pinterest sales channel in Shopify, and then connect your accounts.
Prepare your products for Pinterest Products must meet Pinterest's product requirements before they can be used in Buyable Pins. Check the status of your product Pins from the Pinterest sales channel's Account page in Shopify.
Identify Pinterest orders in Shopify View a list of your Pinterest orders on the Orders page in Shopify.

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