Best practices for using the Pinterest sales channel

There are a few things you can do to help new customers discover your Product Pins. You can collect your Product Pins on Pinterest boards. You can also help customers discover your products by using keywords in your product titles and descriptions to optimize your Product Pins for the Pinterest search, and by building your audience on Pinterest by engaging with other Pinterest users.

Learn more about best practices for businesses on Pinterest at the Pinterest Help Center.

Collecting your Product Pins on Pinterest boards

When you make products available to the Pinterest sales channel, they are automatically synced to Pinterest as Product Pins. To increase the chance that customers will find your products on Pinterest, you can collect your Product Pins on Pinterest boards.

Use keywords in your product titles and descriptions

In addition to being a social media platform, Pinterest is a search engine. Pinterest users customize the Pins they see in their feed by choosing from categories that interest them, and they can also search for Pins related to their interests. Pinterest displays Pins relevant to user interests based on details in the Pin and the number of shares the Pin has.

Make it easier for customers to discover your products on Pinterest by adding keywords to your product titles and descriptions. Try adding keywords related the following product attributes:

  • material
  • color
  • pattern
  • brand

Even your image filenames can affect the search ranking of your Pins. If you search for similar products on Pinterest, then you can gather ideas about the keywords that might work best for helping Pinterest users find your Product Pins.

Build your audience on Pinterest

If you build your Pinterest community and encourage users to share your Pins, then the search ranking for your Pins will improve on Pinterest. You can increase engagement with your Pins in a few ways:

  • add a call to action (CTA) to a Pin’s description, like "Share this Pin!"
  • Pin blog posts or other content from your Shopify online store
  • share Pins from other Pinterest users on Pinterest that are related to your brand

Learn more about building your Pinterest audience on the Shopify blog.

Choose product types that sell on Pinterest

Certain product types sell better on Pinterest, and knowing your audience can help you choose products that will appeal to Pinterest users. The top-selling product types for the Pinterest sales channel are, in order:

  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Gifts and Collectibles
  • Stationery and Office Supplies
  • Home and Furniture
  • Art and Photography

Market on Pinterest

You can market your products on Pinterest using Promoted Pins. If you need help with marketing on Pinterest, then contact the Pinterest Help Center.

If you’re a merchant selling in USD who uses a US credit card, then you can advertise on Pinterest with Promoted Pins. Promoted Pins appear near the top of search results and your target audience’s feeds. You can create Promoted Pins with the Pinterest Ads Manager. Learn more about Promoted Pins at the Pinterest Help Center.

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