Publishing products for Product Pins

You can create Product Pins on Pinterest by using the Pinterest sales channel. Product Pins are Rich Pins that feature up-to-date images, prices, and descriptions for your products. Customers click Product Pins to view and buy your products from your Shopify online store.

Creating Product Pins for your Shopify Products

When you make products available to the Pinterest sales channel, they are automatically synced to Pinterest as Product Pins, but they aren't Pinned to any boards. To increase the chance that customers will find your products on Pinterest, you can collect your Product Pins on Pinterest boards.

Pin your products

You can create a Pin for a product using the URL for the product page. Learn more about saving pins from webpages at the Pinterest Help Center.

If your online store's theme includes a Pin button, then you can create a pin for a product by clicking that button on the product page. You can also add a Pin button by customizing your theme.

You can learn more about Product Pins at the Pinterest Help Center.

Viewing your Product Pins on Pinterest

You can view your Product Pins on Pinterest to see how they display to customers. If you want to make a board that displays some or all of your Product Pins, then create a new board and copy your Product Pins to the new board. Pins can be discovered by Pinterest users in feeds, search results, and boards.

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