Requirements for the Pinterest sales channel

To activate the Pinterest sales channel, you need to have a Pinterest business account and be on the Shopify Basic plan or higher. You also need to use the Online Store sales channel.

To be eligible for the Pinterest sales channel, your Shopify online store needs to:

If your online store meets the eligibility requirements, you might also need to update your online store settings so that your Pinterest account can connect with Shopify. Make sure that:

Pinterest Advertising Rules

Pinterest sets out detailed Advertising Rules to make sure your customers have a great experience using Buyable Pins. Only products that meet Pinterest's Advertising rules will be approved for Buyable Pins, but you can change the product availability for ineligible products if you don't want to sell them on Pinterest.

If your online store isn't approved by Pinterest, you can view errors in the Pinterest sales channel, make the required changes to your settings, and then contact Pinterest to re-apply.

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