Wholesale channel

The wholesale channel enables you to expand your business into wholesale by creating a separate, password-protected storefront that is an extension of your online store. All your wholesale customers and orders are trackable under your current store's Shopify admin.

Your wholesale store is based on your online store, so you can offer your wholesale buyers (referred to here as wholesale customers) the same products that you offer your online store customers, but at different prices. You can also add wholesale-only products that are available in your wholesale store only.

You can customize the prices that you offer your wholesale customers in the following ways:

  • set percentage-based discounts across your entire store or across collections
  • set product and variant-specific prices (such as set or flat prices) in price lists
  • provide different prices to different wholesale customers
  • set volume-based pricing rules for products and variants

After you invite a customer to activate a wholesale store account, they can log in and create purchase orders. These orders appear as draft orders in your Shopify admin. When you receive a draft order, you can process it in the following ways:

  • send an invoice to be paid using the payment provider that is set up in your Shopify admin
  • send a customized invoice email that allows the invoice to be paid using a different payment method, such as a wire transfer
  • mark the invoice as paid or partially paid as you receive payments

Your wholesale store is password-protected, so no one (including the Shopify account owner) can access it without a wholesale store account. A wholesale store account is not the same as an online store account. A customer can't log into the wholesale store using their online store user name and password. A wholesale store customer must accept an invitation to the wholesale store. Learn more about wholesale customers.

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