Wholesale customers

A wholesale customer is any customer who has at least one price list assigned to them. You can create wholesale orders for these customers using your Shopify admin. You can also give your wholesale customers access to your wholesale store. Customers with access to the wholesale store can log into your wholesale store and create their own orders. You can also allow customers to sign up for their own wholesale store accounts.

Wholesale store accounts vs online store accounts

Your wholesale store is password-protected, so no one (including the Shopify account owner) can access it without a wholesale store account. A wholesale store account is different from an online store account. A customer can't log into the wholesale store using their online store user name and password. A customer can have both an online store account and a wholesale store account.

You can find information about a wholesale customer by opening their wholesale customer page on the Accounts page in the wholesale channel. You can perform the following tasks for a customer from their wholesale customer page:

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