Getting started in the Services Marketplace

The Services Marketplace lets you find Shopify Experts who can help you with complicated or difficult tasks that come with building your business.

To find an Expert, you can request a job directly from your Shopify admin. But before you get started, it's a good idea to have a clear idea of the work that you need help with.

Preparing to contact an Expert

Before you contact an Expert, you should make sure that you understand the requirements for your project. Here are a few different ways to identify your requirements, and prepare for your first conversation with an Expert:

  • Do your best to familiarize yourself with any business or technical terms that are related to your project. This can make it easier for you and an Expert to discuss the work that needs to be done.
  • Do some preliminarily research about your project. It can be helpful to find examples of other businesses who are doing something similar to what you have in mind.
  • Talk to other merchants. By visiting a site like the Shopify Community forums, you can get feedback on your ideas, ask other merchants questions, and find best practices.
  • Develop your project plan as much as you can, so that you're able to bring fully-developed ideas to your first conversation with an Expert.
  • Make sure that you've clearly defined your project's budget, timeline, and results.

Finding the right Expert for you

The services that Experts offer in the Services Marketplace are divided into many different categories. From the Services Marketplace, you can get started by browsing the top-level categories, and then narrow down your search to find the right Expert for your specific project.

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