Ways to offset the environmental impact of shipping

When shipping carrier services transport goods between locations, the transportation methods release greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere. While shipping is a necessary aspect of most businesses, it does impact the planet and contribute to global warming.

However, there are actions you can take to help offset the impact of your shipping.

Carbon-neutral shipping options

Wherever possible, you can choose shipping methods from carriers that offer carbon-neutral shipping solutions. Contact your preferred shipping carriers to explore what shipping options they offer.

Subscribe to the Planet app

The Planet app calculates the carbon emissions for each of your shipments, removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, and then stores it. The Planet app helps you make your shipments carbon-neutral, and fund innovative carbon removal solutions and technologies from companies in the Shopify Sustainability Fund.

For more information, refer to Make your shipping carbon-neutral with the Planet app.

Choose appropriate packaging for your shipments

Packing your shipments in packaging that matches the size of your shipment helps your shipping carrier have a lower impact on the environment. If your package is bigger than your product and padding needs, then the extra space takes up room that could be used by other packages. The less space each package takes up, the more packages a vehicle can take in a single trip.

Through Shopify Shipping, you can ship all your products without going to the post office. You can print shipping labels, package your products, and schedule a pickup with your carrier so that they come to your door and collect your shipment. Adding your location as a stop on a shipping carrier's route is likely to create less emissions than your round trip to the post office.

For more information, refer to Managing shipping entirely from your home or business.

Use compostable packaging

Compostable packaging is a good way to reduce the effects of your packaging after the shipment reaches your customers. Instead of throwing the packages out, customers can use the composting services in their area, such as compost collection. Check if the main areas you sell to have any compost services and if compostable packaging would work for your business.

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