Activate shipping with UPS

If your store is eligible for Shopify Shipping, then calculated rates for UPS are enabled by default in your Shopify admin. You don't need to register for a separate UPS account, and can get started by buying a shipping label for your next order. UPS doesn't support P.O. box addresses. You need to update your address to a street address to use calculated rates and shipping labels without a UPS account.

You can connect your UPS account with Shopify to offer your own negotiated shipping rates to your customers at checkout.

To connect with Shopify, your UPS account needs to have an account number (also referred to as a shipper number) associated with it. If you don't have an account number yet, then you can register for one online.

If you have any problems with setting up your UPS account, then contact UPS directly.

Register for an account with UPS

If you don't already have a UPS account, then you can register for one online.


  1. Visit the UPS website.
  2. Sign up for an account by using one of the affiliate sites, or by filling in the form as required.
  3. Accept the UPS Technology Agreement, then click Sign Up.
  4. Confirm your email address to complete the registration process.

Find your account number

Depending on when and how you created your UPS account, it might not have an account number (sometimes referred to as a Shipper Number) associated with it yet. If you already have an account number, then you can find it on a copy of a UPS invoice or by checking online. If you don't have an account number, then you can register for one online.

To find your account number:

  1. Log in to your account at the UPS website.
  2. From the account menu in the top-right corner of the page, select Payment Options.

Under My payment methods, your account number will appear in the Number column (your account number is in a format similar to 123AB4). If an account number doesn't appear here, then you need to register for one online.

Register for an account number with UPS

If your UPS account doesn't have an account number associated with it yet, then you need to register for one.


  1. Log in to your account at the UPS website.
  2. From the account menu in the top-right corner of the page, select Payment Options.
  3. From the Add a payment method menu, select Add new account, and then click Add.
  4. Select the address that you want to register with, and then click Next.
  5. Enter your answers for the questions about your shipping profile.

You can now enter your account number to connect your UPS account.

Modify the UPS rates that appear at checkout

You can modify the rates that your customers see at checkout by selecting different account types in the Account type section of your UPS account. For example, you can choose account types that add pickup charges or discounts to the base carrier-calculated rates.

If you don't want modify the UPS rates that appear at checkout, or if you want your own negotiated rates to appear instead, then leave the Account type section blank.

To choose which UPS rates appear at checkout, select one of the following options in the Account type section:

Pickup types
Daily pickup A UPS driver stops at your location once per business day, as scheduled. You can schedule daily pickups at To learn more about this service, see Daily Pickup
One time pickup You call UPS to have your packages picked up by scheduling a pickup online or by phone on an as-needed basis. To learn more about this service, see UPS On-Call Pickup®.
Drop off types
Customer counter You drop off your packages at a UPS Customer Center (The UPS Store, Authorized shipping outlets, and UPS access points).
Letter center You drop off your packages at a UPS drop box.
Air service center You drop off your packages at an air service center.
Blank Show retail rates (or negotiated rates if enabled) without any additional pickup charges included.

Verify your address

You need to verify your account with the address that's associated with your account number.


  1. Log in to your account at the UPS website.
  2. From the account menu in the top-right corner of the page, select Payment Options.
  3. In the My payment methods section, find the correct account, and then click Edit.
  4. Open the Location address section.
  5. Use the entries for country and ZIP/postal code in this section to authorize your account.

Verify your invoice

If you've received an invoice in the past 90 days (or the past 45 days for accounts not based in the US or Canada), then you will have to authorize your account with one of your past three invoices. If you haven't received an invoice in that period, then you don't need to complete this step.

If you've enrolled in the UPS Billing Center, then you can view your invoices online:

  1. Log in to the UPS Billing Center.
  2. In the Quick Links section, click View Invoice.
  3. Select an applicable invoice by clicking on the invoice number.
  4. Click View/Download Invoice Data.

On your UPS invoice, you can find the following information:

  • Your Invoice date, Invoice number, and Control ID appear under Delivery Service Invoice on the top-right corner of the invoice.
  • Your Invoice amount appears next to Amount due this period at the bottom of the invoice. If this amount is 0, then use the Charges this period amount that appears below Summary of Charges.

Connect your UPS account

You need to register for a UPS account and have a UPS invoice before you can connect your UPS account to Shopify.

  1. In the Additional shipping methods section, click Connect carrier account.
  2. Click Start.
  3. On the Manage carriers dialog, click Connect account beside UPS.
  4. On the Enter your UPS® account details dialog, add you account details.

  5. Click Submit and continue.

  6. On the Verify your UPS® account dialog, add you account and invoice details.

  7. Click Submit

If you have any problems with your UPS account, or if you have questions about the UPS shipping labels that you purchase, then you should contact UPS directly for support.

Disconnect your UPS account

You can disconnect your UPS account at any time.

To disconnect your UPS account:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping.
  2. In the Carrier accounts section, click Manage carriers.
  3. Click Disconnect account.
  4. Click Disconnect account.

Use UPS Shopify Shipping

You can use UPS (and other carriers) on your store with Shopify Shipping and take advantage of negotiated rates that save up to 53% on shipping. To learn more about Shopify Shipping, see Shopify Shipping.

Before you enable Shopify Shipping, you need to disconnect your UPS account. After you've disconnected your UPS account, you can set up Shopify Shipping in your Shopify admin.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do if I've been locked out of my account?

If you've been locked out of your account, then you won't be able to update it or connect to it for 24 hours. After the 24-hour period has passed, you can try logging in again.

The most common cause of a UPS account being locked is that three errors were made while you or someone else was attempting to connect to or update the account. UPS can also lock accounts for other reasons.

To prevent your account from being locked, make sure that you avoid the following common mistakes:

  • using an invoice that was received outside of the 90-day date range (45 days for accounts not based in the US or Canada) to authorize your account
  • using an invoice that isn't one of the three most recent invoices that you've received

Who can I contact for support?

You can contact Shopify Support for help with integrating UPS in your Shopify admin.

UPS customer support is also able to help you with issues related to your UPS account. You can contact them at 1-800-742-5877 (US & Canada), 03457 877 877 (United Kingdom), or by visiting the UPS Help and Support Center.

Can I use negotiated rates?

If you've negotiated custom rates with UPS, then you can show those rates to customers at checkout by selecting Negotiated Rates. This will also show any discounts or promotional offers you currently have active.

If you don't have negotiated rates, or you select Retail Rates, then customers will see retail rates set by UPS instead.

Why aren't my negotiated rates showing up correctly?

After you activate negotiated rates, it can take up to three business days before they appear at checkout. If your negotiated rates don't appear after three business days, then contact Shopify Support for assistance.

Can I change my contact information?

No. Your contact information can't be changed after it's saved. This does not affect your shipping rates or account verification.

Why does a new user appear in my UPS account after I connect it with Shopify?

When you connect your UPS account with Shopify, a new entry appears in the Additional Users section of your account page in your UPS account. It includes an account ID that you might not recognize and the email address that's associated with your Shopify account.

This account is required, and you shouldn't remove it. If you do, then you will lose the connection between your UPS account number and your Shopify account. If you've already removed this account, then you need to contact Shopify Support to resolve the issue before your UPS and Shopify accounts can be connected.

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