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Examples of shipping rates

You'll probably want to define some different shipping rates for your store, depending on how many choices you want to offer to your customers. You can also offer free shipping to promote your products.

Tiered shipping rates

If you want to set a series of tiered shipping rates, then the weights or price ranges that you set must not overlap. For example, to set a $10 rate to Canada for orders up to 25 kg, and a $15 rate for orders of 25-50 kg:

  1. In the Shipping zones section, click Edit next to the shipping zone that you want to add the rate to. If you want to add the rate to a new zone, then you'll need to create a new shipping zone first.

  2. Click Add rate in the Weight based rates section:

  3. Create a new weight-based shipping rate that sets the upper limit of the first tier to 25 kg:

  4. Create a second weight-based shipping rate that sets the range of the second tier to 25.01-50 kg:

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the shipping zone page.

Shipping rates based on quantity purchased

It's possible to offer a quantity-based shipping rate in Shopify if you sell a range of items with identical weights or prices. This is useful if, for example, you want to offer a shipping discount based on the number of items purchased.

For example, you might sell T-shirts weighing 0.5 kg, and charge $2 each for shipping. This means that 3 T-shirts, for example, would usually cost the customer $6 in delivery charges. You could offer a shipping discount for orders of 3 or more T-shirts by setting a shipping rate of $4 for orders weighing 1.5 kg, up to some imaginary maximum. 

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