Fulfillment by Amazon

You might see this error message when trying to fulfill with Amazon:

The request must contain the parameter PerUnitDeclaredValue This error message is returned if you try to send a shipment to an APO address (Army Post Office). Currently Amazon does not support fulfilling to overseas army bases and just returns this generic error message.

Why aren't my fulfillment notifications and emails being sent to the warehouse?

When using one of our integrated fulfillment or custom fulfillment options, notifications are only sent to the warehouse after marking the items fulfilled on the order in your Shopify admin. The warehouse will not receive notification until that step is completed.

Why won't Shipwire allow orders to FPO/AP (military) addresses?

Shipwire does support shipping to APO/FPO, but only using USPS services (UPS and FedEx do not generally deliver to APOs/FPOs or PO boxes).

In order to enable Shipwire to rate shipments with USPS, you will need to configure your carrier set as either "Standard Preferred" or "Expanded" in your Shipwire account.

"Standard Preferred" will make Shipwire's order rating system prefer parcel services like UPS or FedEx, unless they are not eligible for the order

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