Activating third-party carrier-calculated shipping

To use third-party carrier-calculated shipping, you must be on the Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus plan. If you're currently on the Shopify plan, then you can opt for the monthly fee to add this feature or switch to yearly billing. Third-party carrier-calculated shipping isn't available on the Basic Shopify or Shopify Starter plans.

Carrier-calculated shipping (CCS) rates are determined at checkout by third-party shipping carriers, ensuring accurate charges for your customers based on their order details. CCS rates allow you to charge your customers the exact amount that a shipping carrier, such as UPS or FedEx, will charge you when you purchase a shipping label. This section explains how to activate the third-party calculated shipping feature and connect carrier accounts to your Shopify admin.

Connecting carrier accounts: If you have your own account with an eligible shipping carrier, then you can connect it to your Shopify admin. This allows you to display carrier-calculated shipping rates to your customers at checkout. Learn more about supported carrier accounts.

Third-party shipping rate calculator apps: Some third-party shipping rate calculator apps require you to activate this feature. If you use a third-party shipping app to display rates for other carriers, then you must set up backup shipping rates as well.

Developer resources: Developers can learn more about the CarrierService API to set their apps up for carrier-calculated shipping.

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