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If your orders ship from multiple locations, or you plan to use Shopify Shipping to purchase shipping labels, then there are some extra settings to set up before you launch your Shopify store.

Add your shipping locations

By default, the original address that is entered when a Shopify account is created is added as a location. This location is also set to be able to fulfill orders.

Make sure that any other locations that you plan to ship from, as well as any apps that fulfill products on your behalf, are added as locations. For more information about locations, refer to Setting up your locations.

Package types

The shipping settings in your Shopify store include a default package type that helps you charge more accurate shipping rates to your customers. You can change the default package dimensions in your shipping settings.

If your store is located in Canada or the United States, then you can add additional package types to the Shipping and delivery settings page. Entering dimensions and weights for the types of packages that you typically send helps your calculated shipping rates to be more accurate. You can add as many additional package types as you want.

The default package type is used to calculate the shipping rates at checkout, but any saved package type can be used when purchasing a label through Shopify Shipping.

If you have carrier-calculated shipping rates, then the default package type's details are used by the carrier to determine the shipping rate to charge your customers during checkout. If you have weight-based rates, then the weight of the default package type is added to the weight of the products being shipped to determine which weight-based rate to charge.

For example, suppose you have a default package weight of .1825 kg and you have the following weight-based shipping rates:

  • 0 to 4.99 kg = $3 USD shipping rate
  • 5 to 9.99 kg = $5 USD shipping rate
  • 10 to 19.99 kg = $10 USD shipping rate

Suppose a customer purchases products that weigh a total of 4.9 kg. When the customer reaches your checkout, the default package weight of .1825 kg is added to the weight of the products. Because the products and default package have a combined weight of 5.0825 kg, the customer would be charged the $5 USD shipping rate instead of the $3 USD shipping rate.

If you don't want the default package weight to affect your weight-based or carrier-calculated shipping rates, then edit the default package and set the weight to 0.

Edit your default package details

  1. In the Saved packages section, click Edit beside the package with the Default label.
  2. Enter a title, the dimensions, and the weight of your default shipment package.
  3. Click Save.

Add a package type

If your store is located in Australia, Canada, or the United States, then you can add additional package types to use when purchasing a shipping label through Shopify Shipping.


  1. In the Packages section, click Add package.

  2. In the dialog, enter the required information about the package type.

    Some mail types have restrictions on the size of the packages that you can use to ship your products. A notice about applicable size restrictions appears on the dialog when you create a new package type.

  3. Click Add package.

Add USPS flat rate packaging

USPS flat rate packaging is available only to stores based in the United States.

Flat rate pricing is determined by the packaging that you choose, as long as the package weighs less than 70 lb. You are charged for the price of the flat rate box or envelope and not the weight of the package or the distance that it has to travel.


  1. In the Saved packages section, click Add package.
  2. In the dialog, click Carrier packaging.
  3. Select the proper flat rate package type from the list:

  4. If you want to set this package type as the default package, then check Set as default package.

  5. Click Add package.

Edit a package type

  1. In the Packages section, click Edit next to the package type.
  2. Enter your changes, and then click Save.

Delete a package type

If you no longer need a package type that was added to your shipping settings, then you can delete it. However, you can't delete your default package.


  1. In the Packages section, click Edit next to the package type.

  2. Click Delete package, and then click Delete in the confirmation dialog.

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