Managing fulfillment requests with the SFN app

After you send inventory to Flexport, orders for those products are fulfilled by Flexport's fulfillment centers. When you receive an order that's fulfilled by Flexport, the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) app automatically updates the order with additional information related to the fulfillment:

  • The order location is set to SFN - Flexport.
  • The Flexport fulfillment updates card is added to the bottom of the order page.

The following information is displayed in the Flexport fulfillment updates card:

Information displayed in the Flexport fulfillment updates card.
StatusThe status of the fulfillment is displayed in the upper right of the card. The status can be one of the following values:
  • Processing - indicates that the fulfillment has been accepted by Flexport and is being processed.
  • In transit - indicates that the order is on the way to the customer.
  • Delivered - indicates that the order has been successfully delivered to the customer.
ShippingDisplays the estimated date that the order will be shipped, and indicates whether it will be On-time or Late compared to the date promised to the customer.
DeliveryDisplays the estimated date that the order will be delivered, and indicates whether it will be On-time or Late compared to the date promised to the customer.
Fulfillment CostDisplays the cost of fulfilling the order.

If errors are encountered during the processing of your order, then the fulfillment is declined, and Flexport fulfillment updates card displays an error message with more information. Click Manage in Flexport to review the order and learn more about the error.

Error messages in the Flexport fulfillment updates card.
Error messageTroubleshooting steps
International addressOccurs when an order bound for an international address is created without first activating international shipping in Flexport. Either update the address or activate international shipping before recreating the order.
Invalid product dimensionsOccurs when an order contains invalid product dimensions or weight. Verify and update your dimensions and weights before recreating the order.
Invalid addressOccurs when an order can't be shipped due to an invalid destination address. Verify that the address is accurate, and then either update or confirm the address for the order.
Inventory out of stockOccurs when a fulfillment request is made for an order that doesn't have stock at Flexport. Replenish your stock before recreating the order.
Missing customs informationOccurs when products in the order are missing information required for customs agencies, such as the Harmonized System (HS) code. Ensure that your products have the required information before recreating the order.
SKUs never inboundedOccurs when the order contains SKUs that haven't been inbounded to Flexport. Inbound SKUs to Flexport before recreating the order.
Order canceledOccurs when the order is canceled in Flexport. Review the order to ensure it should be fulfilled before recreating the order.
Cancellation requestedOccurs when a fulfillment cancellation has been requested. Flexport reviews the request to determine if it can be canceled. If the cancellation request is accepted, then the order is canceled. If the request is outside the cancellation window, then the request is declined and the order is fulfilled.
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