Shop Promise

Shop Promise helps improve conversion rates by displaying an expected delivery date that's specific to when your customer placed an order and where that order will be delivered. Shopify uses your order fulfillment history and reliable transit time approximations to determine an expected delivery date. Shop Promise communicates reliability and peace of mind to your customers.

The Shop Promise badge displays beside delivery dates for eligible deliveries that are estimated to be delivered domestically in the United States in five or less calendar days. If an order is eligible, then the Shop Promise badge is displayed on product pages and throughout the customer checkout experience and Shop app. Shop Promise can also highlight incentives in your store, such as free shipping, when applicable.

In some cases, the delivery date displayed to customers might be longer than the actual time it takes to deliver an order for the following reasons:

  • An order needs to be transported a far distance.
  • An order was placed during a time when you're not likely to be fulfilling orders.

Shop Promise aims to enhance the shopping experience for both you and your customers by displaying accurate delivery dates. However, Shop Promise might display less frequently during periods of volatility, such as extended carrier transit times or other external factors beyond Shopify's control. These measures are taken to ensure customer satisfaction. For orders where Shopify doesn't have enough data to make a reliable delivery date prediction, an estimated delivery date isn't provided at checkout, even if these orders do end up being delivered faster than expected. Shopify consistently works towards determining more accurate delivery expectations. If you think that the expected delivery dates displayed to your customers are unusually long, then contact Shopify Support.

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