Service updates for SFN and key dates for BFCM 2022

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You can use the key dates and service updates on this page to help you plan for BFCM and the holiday season. Whether you're planning to run promotions during this time or not, the increased volume across the fulfillment and delivery network has an impact on your business. To ensure that you're setting the right expectations for your customers, and that you're getting your products to SFN on time for BFCM, review the dates and information on this page.

Sending inventory to SFN on time for BFCM

To ensure that SFN processes and distributes your inventory across the network in time for BFCM, your inventory needs to arrive at the SFN fulfillment center by November 1. Inventory that arrives after November 1 is accepted, but might be subject to processing and distribution delays.

By having your inventory delivered to SFN by November 1, you ensure that SFN teams have enough time to process your products and distribute them across our network, helping to ensure more of your customers are eligible for 2-day delivery.

If you're a merchant onboarding to SFN, then you need to ensure that your inventory arrives at the SFN fulfillment center by October 28. Inventory that arrives after October 28 is accepted, but won't be available for fulfillment by SFN until mid-December.

Review the following articles to ensure that your products are delivered and processed by SFN correctly:

Unexpected delays during BFCM

If an unexpected fulfillment or delivery delay, such as inclement weather, that might impact you or your customers occurs, then you'll receive an alert in the SFN app. SFN will contact you about delays that are longer than 24 hours. To ensure SFN has the correct contact information, review your contact preferences in the SFN app.

SFN fulfillment center hours of operation for BFCM

SFN fulfillment centers operate Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm local time. Learn more about SFN fulfillment center hours.

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