2021 BFCM and holiday information for Shopify Fulfillment Network

This year, BFCM is the weekend that takes place over November 26-29, 2021. Because shipping orders to your customers is always the top priority, SFN is preparing for a high volume of activity across the network.

Preparing your inventory at SFN for peak periods

If you need to replenish inventory for peak sale periods in BFCM, then you need to send inventory to SFN through inbound transfers as soon as possible. If you have inventory in multiple SFN fulfillment centres, then you can transfer your items to a fulfillment center that is closer to your customers.

To help SFN receive your inbound transfers more efficiently, you can set up your inbound transfers in the following ways:

  • If you have multiple packages in your inbound transfer, then you can create a separate inbound transfer for each individual package to improve the accuracy of tracking and labelling.
  • You can ship your packages in pallets to make sure that your packages are organized under one tracking number and don't get separated.
  • You can include the Bill of Lading (BOL) in your inbound transfer to provide more transparency about its contents and ensure that SFN receives all your items.

If you want to remove some items and fulfill only a part of the fulfillment request, then you can split your fulfillment request in the SFN app.

If you want to avoid overselling inventory, then you can automatically hide out-of-stock products from your customers in your Shopify admin.

Hours of operation

SFN fulfillment centers operate Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in their respective time zones.

During the holidays, SFN fulfillment centers will be closed on the following days:

  • Thursday, November 25
  • Friday, December 24
  • Friday, December 31

Fulfillment center service suspension and service level agreements

Returns and Special Projects will be paused on Black Friday, November 26 and Cyber Monday, November 29. These services will resume on Tuesday, November 30.

Aside from these changes, all SFN operations will proceed as usual during the holidays, and service-level agreements (SLAs) will continue to depend on the accuracy of your demand forecasting.

Peak time surcharges

Each year during BFCM and the holiday season, shipping carriers add surcharges to account for the increase in shipping volume.

As a result, SFN shipments from the United States will incur a 0.29 USD surcharge between October 15 and December 26, 2021. During this period, your bills will display this surcharge in your transportation costs, and your rate card will be updated accordingly.

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