Mapping your shipping rates

To help the fulfillment centers know which shipping speed, or service level, to choose when processing your orders, you can map your shipping rates to specific shipping speeds. You can specify which shipping rates need to be sent as economy, standard, or express shipping. This helps make sure that your orders are delivered within the delivery expectations that you set for your customers.

Service levels

You can map your shipping rates to the following service levels:

Which shipping services map to each service level
Destination Shipping carrier service Shipping mapping level Delivery expectation
Domestic 5-7 days Economy 5-8 days
3 days Standard 3-4 days
2 days Express 1-2 days
International Slow: maximum 21 days Economy, Standard 7-21 days
Fast: maximum 7 days Express 2-7 days

Your packages are shipped using a carrier service that is equal to or faster than your delivery expectation.


Before you map your rates, review the following considerations:

Set up your shipping

Make sure that you set up your shipping rates to work with the Shopify Fulfillment Network. Carrier-calculated shipping rates can't use the rate mapping feature.

For more information on the types of shipping rates, refer to Shipping rates.

Free shipping rates

If you provide free shipping to your customers, then consider creating shipping zones to the zones of your fulfillment centers. This way, you can provide free shipping rates to all zones, but map them to different shipping speeds.

For example, suppose that you stock products in Florida. You can create a shipping zone with states near to Florida, such as Georgia, and create a free shipping rate that maps to Express for 1 - 2 day shipping. You can also create a shipping zone with states that are further away, such as Oregon, and create a free shipping rate that maps to Standard or Economy.

Shipping rate names

Rates that have the same name are mapped to the same service level. For example, if you have different free shipping rates in separate zones, then make sure that they have different shipping rate names, otherwise they will all receive the same shipping speed. To change the name of your shipping rates, refer to Edit a rate.

Rates that aren't mapped

If a shipping rate isn't mapped to a shipping speed, then it defaults to Economy.

Map your rates

Make sure that your shipping rates names are finalized before you map your rates. If you need to change the name of a shipping rate while mapping your rates, then change the name of the rate in your Shopify admin shipping settings, and then map the rate in your Shopify Fulfillment Network app.

For more information on editing the names of your shipping rates, refer to Edit a rate.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Shopify Fulfillment Network.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In the Shipping services levels section, click Manage services.
  4. In each service level, select the shipping rate that you want to be mapped to that level.
  5. Click Save.

If you change the name of a shipping rate after mapping it, then the shipping rate defaults to the Economy shipping speed until you map the rate again.

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