Using Prep Services for Shopify Fulfillment Network

Shopify's Prep services are an optional services where the fulfillment center can receive an inbound and prepare the items in each box to be get them ready for fulfillment. Prep services increase SLA as the fulfillment center needs to take additional time to make the products ready for fulfillment. When the inbound arrives the fulfillment center will:

  • Open each box and scan the SKUs.
  • Sort each SKU.
  • Print and apply labels as needed.
  • Ensure barcoding and labelling are correct to avoid downstream issues with fulfillment.

If you select Prep in the Inbound process the steps for Create box content labels and label boxes will be skipped. The fulfillment center will manage these steps when the inbound arrives.

If this service is not selected you will need to confirm your boxing methods and barcoding yourself.

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