Delivery promises on Shopify Fulfillment Network

A delivery promise is a commitment to your customer that specifies a maximum number of days between the date when they place their order and the date when order delivery is made or attempted. Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) offers delivery promises for most orders that are shipped within the United States. Delivery promises are displayed to eligible US customers on the product page, at checkout, and on the order confirmation page.

A customers eligibility for a delivery promise depends on the following criteria:

  • the customer's location
  • the products in the order

Most orders shipping in the United States qualify for a delivery promise. If delivery is expected to take more than five business days, then no delivery promise is displayed. To communicate delivery expectations to your customers when no delivery promise is displayed, you need to create a shipping policy for your store. Learn more about shipping policy best practices and examples.

Your store settings can affect whether a delivery promise is displayed and the number of days that it includes. For example, if you set up an order processing delay of 24 hours, then longer delivery promises are displayed. After an order is placed, if you extend the order processing time or put the order on hold, then the delivery promise might not be met.

Some themes or theme modifications might cause the delivery promise to display incorrectly on product pages. For help resolving any issues with how your theme displays delivery promises, contact your SFN account manager.

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