Shopify Shipping with Colissimo

If you're shipping from a location in France, then you can buy Shopify Shipping labels from Colissimo. You can ship your products from a Colissimo drop-off location to your customer's address or to a pickup point within France. The shipping rates that you are charged are based on Shopify's account with Colissimo.

To ship orders to pickup points, you need to set up shipping to pickup points in your Shopify admin.

Considerations for shipping packages with Colissimo

Review the following considerations when using Shopify Shipping with Colissimo:

  • Shopify Shipping with Colissimo ships domestically within France only, no international destinations are supported.
  • You can't schedule pickups with Colissimo to collect your shipments through Shopify Shipping.
  • To purchase Colissimo shipping labels, your store's address needs to be based in France.
  • Signature on delivery and proof of delivery services aren't supported.
  • You can't reroute a shipment or dispute Colissimo surcharges.
  • Your customer's billing address needs to be in France. You can't buy Colissimo labels for billing addresses that are outside France.

Getting your products to Colissimo

You can drop off your products at a Colissimo drop-off location. Find your nearest Colissimo drop-off location.

Domestic shipping with Colissimo

You can ship packages from a Colissimo drop-off location to your customer's address or to a pickup point within France. Colissimo delivers shipments within 2 business days.

When you buy a Colissimo shipping label, one of the following shipping services is displayed depending on what your customer selects during checkout.

Colissimo shipping services
Shipping ServiceDescription
Colissimo DomicileShips packages that are up to 30 kg to your customer's address within France
Colissimo Point RetraitShips packages that are up to 20 kg to a pickup point within France

Package requirements for Colissimo domestic shipments

The following are the minimum values that Colissimo allows for domestic shipments:

  • minimum length is 16.1 cm (6.3 inches)
  • minimum width is 11.1 cm (4.3 inches)
  • minimum height is 1.1 cm (0.4 inches)

The following are the maximum values that Colissimo allows for domestic shipments:

  • maximum weight:
    • for shipments to your customer's address is 30 kg (66.1 lb)
    • for shipments to a pickup point is 20 kg (44.1 lb)
  • maximum length, width, or height is 100 cm (39.4 inches)
  • maximum sum of package dimensions is 200 cm (78.7 inches)

Colissimo prohibited items

Some items are prohibited from being shipped using Colissimo. To learn more about prohibited items, refer to Colissimo's Practical guide for preparing parcels.

If you ship a prohibited item using Colissimo, then your shipment is stopped and held by Colissimo. Prohibited items aren't returned to you.

Colissimo pickup points

To deliver to a pickup point with Colissimo, you must first set up shipping to a pickup point.

After you've selected which locations can deliver to a pickup point and edited your rates, your customers can choose Ship to pickup point as their delivery method, and then select the pickup point where they want their order delivered.

Pickup points can be post offices, relay points, or self-service lockers. Customers must provide an email address and phone number at checkout for Colissimo pickup points labels to be purchased. After the shipment is delivered to a pickup point, your customer receives an SMS or an email notification that their shipment is ready for pickup. This notification also tells your customer the date by which they need to pick up their shipment.

If your customer doesn't pick up the shipment from the pickup point within the indicated pickup time frame, then Colissimo automatically returns the shipment to you within 10-15 business days for free.

Review the following table to learn more about Colissimo pickup points:

Colissimo pickup points
Pickup pointDescriptionPickup time frame
Post officeLocal post offices within France.Your customer needs to pick up the shipment from the pickup point within 10 business days.
Relay pointBusinesses that are part of the Colissimo pickup network.Your customer needs to pick up the shipment from the pickup point within 10 business days.
Self-service lockerSelf-service lockers that are located near shopping centers, parking lots, and metro stations. These lockers are available 24/7, so packages can be dropped off or picked up at any time.Your customer needs to pick up the shipment from the pickup point within 3 business days.

Learn more about Colissimo pickup points.

Submitting shipping claims for Colissimo shipments

If you're using Colissimo with Shopify Shipping and your Colissimo shipment is lost or damaged, then you can submit a shipping claim with Shopify Shipping Support.

Included insurance coverage for Colissimo shipments

Colissimo offers coverage for lost and damaged packages of 23 EUR per kilogram, up to a maximum of 690 EUR. For more information, refer to Colissimo's insurance policy.

Submit a shipping claim for lost or damaged Colissimo shipments

If your Colissimo shipment is lost or damaged, then you can submit a claim within 23 days from the date of shipping.

If your Colissimo shipment isn't delivered within 2 business days, then you can submit a claim within 7 days from the date of the delivery. Claims for late deliveries aren't supported for shipments to Colissimo pickup points.

To initiate a shipping claim with Colissimo, send an email to Shopify Shipping Support at

Include the following information in your email:

  • your address
  • the order number
  • Colissimo tracking number
  • customer's phone number
  • an invoice that displays the cost of your products
  • if applicable, description of the damage and pictures of any damaged items or packaging are required

If you are submitting a damage claim, then the following documentation is also required:

  • Description of the damage to the product and packaging
  • Photograph of the shipping label on the package with the tracking number clearly visible
  • Photograph of the shipment packaging
  • Photograph of the damaged goods

It can take up to 90 days to resolve your shipping claim.

Colissimo shipment adjustments

If your shipment is heavier or larger than indicated on the shipping label, then Colissimo charges you for discrepancies.

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