Shopify Shipping with Evri

If you're shipping from a location in the United Kingdom, then you can buy Shopify Shipping labels from Evri. You can drop off packages at a drop-off location and ship them domestically.

The shipping rates that you are charged are based on Shopify's account with Evri.

Considerations for shipping packages with Evri

Review the following considerations when using Shopify Shipping with Evri:

  • Shopify Shipping with Evri ships only domestically within the United Kingdom and doesn't support international destinations.
  • Evri doesn't support shipments to the Channel Islands, PO boxes, or British Forces Post Office locations.
  • Pickups aren't available with Evri. You need to drop off your packages at a Evri parcel drop off location.
  • To purchase Evri shipping labels, your store's address needs to be based in the United Kingdom.
  • Review Evri's guidelines on how to wrap a parcel to ensure that your shipments meet Evri's packaging standards
  • Make sure that the products you're shipping meet the Evri's prohibited items requirements.

Getting your products to Evri

You can drop your products off at a myEvri ParcelShop location. Find your nearest ParcelShop location.

Currently, Shopify Shipping doesn't support pickups with Evri.

Domestic shipping with Evri

Shipping ServiceDelivery TimelineDescription
Evri UK ParcelShop Dropoff2 business daysStandard shipping within the United Kingdom
Evri UK ParcelShop Dropoff Next Day1-2 business daysExpress shipping within the United Kingdom

Package requirements for Evri domestic shipments

The following are the maximum values that Evri allows for domestic shipments:

  • maximum weight is 15 kg (33 lb)
  • maximum girth is 245 cm (96.5 inches)

For more information about package requirements, refer to the Evri website.

Evri pickup points

To deliver to a pickup point with Evri, you must first set up shipping to a pickup point.

After you've selected which locations can deliver to a pickup point and edited your rates, your customers can choose Ship to pickup point as their delivery method, and then select the pickup point where they want their order delivered.

Packages can be picked up at Evri ParcelShop locations. After the shipment is delivered to a pickup point, your customer receives an SMS or an email notification that their shipment is ready for pickup. If your customer doesn't collect their shipment from the pickup point within a specific time period, then Evri automatically returns the shipment to the sender.

Review the following table to learn more about Evri pickup points:

Evri pickup points
Pickup pointDescription
ParcelShopCorner shops, fuel stations, and independent businesses that are part of the Evri ParcelShop network. Packages must be picked up within 10 days.

Submitting shipping claims for Evri shipments

If you're using Evri with Shopify Shipping and your Evri shipment is lost or damaged, then you can submit a shipping claim with Shopify Shipping Support.

Included insurance coverage for Evri shipments

Evri offers up to 20 GBP coverage for lost and damaged packages with an additional 2.50 GBP available for eligible label costs.

Submit a shipping claim for lost or damaged Evri shipments

You can submit a claim for lost and damaged Evri shipments. Claims must be made within 23 days from the shipping label creation date. Claims for late shipments or shipments with missing items aren't supported. If a shipment is scanned as Return to Sender by Evri, then such a shipment is no longer eligible for a claim.

To open a shipping claim with Evri, send an email to Shopify Shipping Support at and include the following information:

  • your address
  • the order number in your Shopify admin
  • the tracking number (also called the Evri barcode)
  • the postcode of the delivery address
  • the value of the items in the shipment
  • the product category for the items, such as “Clothing and accessories - Footwear”
  • a description of each product, such as “Brown, size 5 boots”
  • the details of the claim, such as whether an item was lost or damaged

For damaged shipments, you also need to include the following information:

  • at least two photos that show the damage:
    • one photo that shows the damaged product
    • one photo that shows the condition of the shipping package

If the claim is for a lost package, then also include a signed Denial of Receipt (DOR) from the customer and the date that you received the DOR. To help the claims process, you can also include any comments from the customer.

Get a Denial of Receipt for your Evri shipment

If a package is marked as delivered but your customer never received the package, then you must get a signed Denial of Receipt (DOR) from the customer before you submit a claim to Shopify Shipping.

You can use the following DOR template to send to your customer in an email for them to sign:

Hello [your company name],
I wish to deny receipt of the parcel with the tracking number of [insert tracking number].
I can confirm that I have checked with my neighbours and those in my household who might have signed for or received the goods, and this parcel has not been received.
I have fully checked around my property and have not located the parcel.
I will inform you immediately if the parcel arrives.
I agree to co-operate with Evri Loss and Prevention and the police in the event of any investigation into the missing items.
I confirm that this declaration is true and accurate in all respects.
I understand that making a false statement can lead to prosecution.
Printed name: ______________________
Signed: ______________________
Date: ____________________

Getting support for Evri shipments

To get help with your shipment after it's been given to Evri, such as attempting to reroute a shipment or disputing an adjustment, you can contact Shopify Support.

Rerouting your Evri shipment

If a shipment that has been accepted by Evri needs to be returned or sent to a different delivery address, then you can request to reroute a shipment. Due to processing times for rerouting requests and the different parties involved in the shipment, rerouting shipments isn't always possible.

There is no fee to intercept a shipment unless the shipment needs to be relabeled. If a shipment needs to be returned to you, then there is an additional undelivered fee.

When you contact Shopify Support, make sure that you have the following information:

  • The tracking number (also called the Evri barcode)
  • The new delivery address

Disputing an adjustment for an Evri shipment

If you are incorrectly charged an adjustment, such as an adjustment for an incorrect shipment weight or oversized package, then you can dispute the adjustment.

When you contact Shopify Support, make sure that you have the following information:

  • The tracking number (also called the Evri barcode)
  • The reason for the dispute
  • Any supporting documents or images, such as showing the measurement of a package
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