Shopify Shipping with UPS in Canada

If you're shipping from a location in Canada, then you can buy Shopify Shipping labels from UPS. You can ship your packages domestically within Canada.

The shipping rates that you are charged are based on Shopify's account with UPS.

Considerations for shipping packages with UPS

Review the following considerations when using Shopify Shipping with UPS:

  • UPS doesn't support PO box addresses as the shipping origin or destination.
  • You can ship your packages only domestically within Canada.
  • Package pickups aren't available with UPS through Shopify Shipping in Canada.
  • To purchase UPS shipping labels in Canada, your store's address needs to be based in Canada.
  • You can't ship regulated products, such as tobacco, alcoholic beverages, dangerous goods, or lithium batteries.
  • When buying a UPS shipping label, you need to confirm whether you're shipping pharmaceuticals. If you're shipping pharmaceuticals, then you need to agree that you comply with local and destination laws for selling and shipping pharmaceuticals.
  • The UPS Canada integration supports only label purchases. There are no carrier calculated rates available for checkout.

Getting your products to UPS

You can drop off your products at a UPS drop-off location.

Domestic shipping with UPS

UPS deliveries are made from Monday to Friday across Canada. UPS Standard deliveries are available in certain metropolitan areas on Saturdays. You can check if your customer's address is in one of these areas by referring to the UPS website.

You can ship packages domestically using the following UPS shipping services:

Description of UPS domestic shipping service types
Shipping ServiceDelivery TimelineDescription
UPS Standard1-5 business daysAn economical way to ship small packages within Canada
UPS Expedited2 business daysShip orders quickly within Canada that don't require overnight service
UPS ExpressNext business dayShip orders arriving the next business day
UPS Express EarlyNext business day in the morningShip orders overnight to arrive in the morning
UPS Express SaverNext business day in the afternoonShip orders to arrive in the afternoon of the next business day

To learn more about UPS domestic shipping rates, refer to the UPS domestic shipping website.

Package requirements for UPS domestic and international shipments

The following are the maximum values that UPS allows for domestic and international shipments:

  • maximum weight is 150 lb (68 kg)
  • maximum length and girth combined is 165 inches (419 cm)
  • maximum length is 108 inches (274 cm)

For more information about package requirements, refer to the UPS website.

Submitting shipping claims for UPS shipments

If you're using UPS with Shopify Shipping in Canada and your UPS shipment is lost or damaged, then you can submit a shipping claim with Shopify Shipping Support.

Included insurance coverage for UPS shipments

Insurance is included when you purchase a shipping label from UPS. Shipping services that include insurance coverage cover a maximum of 100 CAD.

Submitting a shipping claim for lost or damaged UPS shipments

If a shipment is lost or damaged, then email Shopify Shipping Support at to track your package and file a claim.

You should submit your claim as soon as you discover that a package was lost or damaged. UPS must receive notice of a claim within 60 days after delivery of the package or, in case of a lost package, within 60 days after the scheduled delivery date. Shopify Shipping Support also needs time to process and direct your claim to UPS before the liability period expires.

Include the following information in your email:

  • your address
  • the order number
  • a description of the issue
  • the receiver's phone number

For damaged packages, you also need to include the following information:

  • a description of the damage
  • who is currently in possession of the package and contents
  • if the shipment is available for inspection by UPS
  • what type of exterior and interior packaging and material was used for the shipment
  • how was the package sealed

If your customer is in possession of the shipment, then ask them to keep the original box and packaging, and any damaged contents that are received for inspection. UPS might request a damage inspection of the contents and the original packaging as part of the damage claim process.

Submitting a shipping claim for late UPS packages

If a shipment is late, and you want to track the package and file a claim, then send an email to the following address:

You need to make your refund request within 15 calendar days of the scheduled delivery date. The delivery date is the date listed in the tracking details, or in your proof of delivery, whichever is later.

Include the following information in your email:

  • your address
  • the order number
  • the date the package was received by UPS and the latest date by which the package should have been delivered
  • the receiver's phone number

Getting support for UPS shipments

To get help with your UPS shipment, such as rerouting a package, you can contact Shopify Support.

Requesting support for UPS shipments

If you are using UPS with Shopify Shipping and you need help, then refer to the following table to learn who to contact.

Who to contact when you need help with UPS and Shopify Shipping based on your needs
Get help before you buy a label.Shopify Support
Get assistance after buying a label, such as rerouting a package.Shopify Support
Submit a claim.Send an email to Shopify Shipping Support
Dispute a shipping adjustment.Shopify Support
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