Buying shipping labels in Australia

Depending on your eligibility, you can purchase Shopify Shipping labels in Australia through Sendle. Sendle offers pickups and the ability to drop off a shipment.

Not all addresses in Australia are eligible to purchase Sendle labels through Shopify Shipping. Before you purchase a shipping label, make sure that you understand the different methods to get your shipment to Sendle.


You can schedule a pickup with Sendle if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your address is eligible for a pickup.
  • You specified that the shipment is for pickup when you purchased the shipping label.

International shipments can be picked up only, not dropped off.

Scheduling pickups

You schedule your pickups at the same time that you purchase your label. You cannot schedule a pickup after a label is purchased.

When you schedule your first pickup, you must click Edit pickup details to add your details and instructions for the pickup. These details are saved and are added by default to all future pickups, but can be edited at any time.

The pickup location is the same as the shipping origin location used on the label.

The earliest pickup date is always the next business day. You can't specify the time for a pickup, the driver will arrive sometime between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

When you select a pickup date, any dates that you already have a pickup scheduled for are shown under Scheduled pickup dates in the Pickup date drop-down menu.

Managing pickups

After you schedule a pickup, only the pickup date and pickup instructions can be changed. To change the pickup date for a single order, click the ... button > Manage parcel > Reschedule pickup within the order, and then fill out the form. If you need to change the pickup date for all orders on a pickup date, then click View pickup > Reschedule pickup on your Orders page. You can't change the pickup date on the day of the pickup.

To change the pickup instructions, contact Sendle support and include Shopify in the subject line.

If you need to change any other details, such as shipping address, then void the label and create a new one.

Day of the pickup

On the day of the pickup, place your shipments in the location that you specified in the pickup details. If both domestic and international shipments have been scheduled for pickup, then separate them into two piles. Different drivers will collect each shipment type.

For your first few international pickups, Sendle drivers ask you for identification. If you are at a business address, then Sendle drivers will also ask you for proof that you work for that business, such as a business card. Make sure you have identification ready for when the Sendle driver arrives. If the driver can't verify your identity, then they might not take your shipments, and you would need to schedule a new pickup.

Drop offs

You can drop off a shipment to Sendle if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your address is eligible for a drop off.
  • It is a domestic shipment. You cannot drop off international shipments.
  • The shipment is under 10 kg.
  • The shipment's volume is less than 40 L.

Package requirements

Sendle has different restrictions for domestic and international packages.

Domestic package requirements

The maximum values that Sendle allows for domestic packages are the following:

  • No side can be longer than 120 cm
  • Maximum weight is 25 kg
  • Maximum volume is 100 L

For the restrictions on each individual package type, refer to Sendle's support site.

International package requirements

The maximum values that Sendle allows for international packages are the following:

  • No side can be longer than 105 cm
  • Maximum weight is 20 kg
  • Maximum total dimensions (sum of the length, width, and height) must be less than 150 cm.

For more detailed restrictions, refer to Sendle's support site.

Shipping address eligibility

Both the origin and destination addresses must be eligible for Sendle's services for you to purchase a shipping label. Sendle doesn't pick up from or deliver to PO boxes.

To purchase a label, your origin address must be eligible for pickups even if you are dropping off your package. There are different locations for domestic and international pickups, which means being eligible for one doesn't mean that you're eligible for the other.

To determine whether an origin address is eligible to purchase a shipping label or which methods are available to get your shipment to Sendle, you must include the suburb and the postal code. Enter the suburb into the City field instead of the city.

To purchase a shipping label for drop off, you must also live near a drop-off location. For more information, refer to Sendle's drop-off locations.

If you are not eligible for a particular method, then it doesn't appear as an option when you purchase a shipping label.

For more information, or to check the available suburbs, refer to the following:

Before you buy your first shipping label

Review the details of using Sendle with Shopify before purchasing your first label.

Also, make sure that you set the details of your default shipping package to keep your shipping fees accurate.

Buy a label

The cost of Sendle shipping labels is displayed in AUD. After you buy a shipping label, the cost is billed to you in USD through your Shopify account. For more information, refer to Billing and taxes.


Buy and print multiple shipping labels

You can buy and print up to 20 shipping labels at a time from the Orders page in your Shopify admin. Review the instructions for purchasing shipping labels in bulk.

If you purchase shipping labels in bulk and want to use the pickup option, then all pickup shipments in the bulk order must have the same pickup date.

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