Buying shipping labels in bulk using Shopify Shipping

You can buy and print up to 100 shipping labels at the same time from the Orders page in your Shopify admin.

Depending on your fulfillment locations, you can purchase labels from the following carriers through Shopify Shipping:

Shipping carriers available per region
Fulfillment locationShipping carriers
United States
  • USPS
  • UPS (not available in Puerto Rico)
  • DHL Express (continental United States only)
  • FedEx by Shippo
  • Canada
  • Canada Post
  • UPS
  • Australia
  • Sendle
  • United Kingdom
  • Evri (for businesses based in the United Kingdom)
  • DPD (for businesses based in the United Kingdom)
  • France
  • Colissimo (for businesses based in France)
  • Mondial Relay (for businesses based in France)
  • Chronopost (for businesses based in France)
  • Italy
  • Poste Italiane (for businesses based in Italy)
  • Spain
  • Correos (for businesses based in Spain)
  • Considerations for buying shipping labels

    Review the following considerations when buying shipping labels:

    • Shopify Shipping doesn't support DDP (delivered duty paid). If you collect duties and import taxes at checkout, then you can't purchase a Shopify Shipping label for orders where duties have been collected. You need to purchase the label externally or refund the order.
    • If you're shipping internationally using Shopify Shipping, then your shipment's declared value can't exceed 2,500 USD.
    • You can print your shipping labels during the label purchase flow or from the Shipping labels page at any time after you purchase your labels.

    Buy and print shipping labels in bulk

    The following orders aren't included when buying shipping labels in bulk:

    • orders that contain only items that don't require shipping
    • orders that don't have a valid shipping address
    • orders that are already fulfilled
    • items in partially unfulfilled orders that haven't been fulfilled yet


    1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

    2. Optional: To view only the orders that need to be fulfilled, click the Unfulfilled tab.

    3. Select the checkbox next to each order that you want to create a shipping label for.

    4. Click Create shipping labels. If you fulfill from multiple locations, then select the appropriate location, and then click Continue.

    5. Optional: Verify the weight of the items in each shipment by clicking the Items field for an order. To adjust the total package weight, enter the weight in the Total Weight field for each shipment.

    6. For international shipments, review or add missing information to the customs declaration form. Do the following:

      1. Click the Items field for an order.
      2. Click Edit customs declaration.
      3. For each item, verify or add information.
      4. Optional: Select Save shipping info to product details.
      5. Under Update customs declaration form, select an option to update multiple orders, or only this order.
      6. Click Save.
    7. On the Create shipping labels page, make any edits to your labels.

    8. Optional: If you want to buy labels only for specific orders on the Create shipping label page, then use the checkboxes to select the orders that you want to buy labels for.

    9. Click Review ## labels.

    10. Optional: Change the shipping date.

    11. Optional: Change whether an order fulfillment email is sent to your customers.

    12. Click Buy shipping labels.

    13. Choose whether to print your shipping labels with any customs forms or packing slips, and then print your shipping labels and shipping documents.

    Suggested shipping services

    When you buy Shopify Shipping labels, a Suggested shipping service might be automatically selected. This Suggested service is based on services that you've used for similar orders in the past. A Suggested service is available for more orders after you purchase more Shopify Shipping labels.

    Edit the shipping labels

    If you use a desktop computer, then you can edit multiple shipping labels at the same time. If you use a mobile device, then you can view each label individually and make any necessary adjustments.

    Edit a single shipping label

    1. From the Create shipping labels page, click the field that you want to edit.
    2. Make the changes to the cell.

    Edit multiple shipping labels

    On desktop, the Create shipping labels page lets you set a value for multiple shipping labels at the same time. For example, you can change the total weight, adjust the shipping service, or enter custom package dimensions and have that value apply to multiple labels.


    1. From the Create shipping labels page, select the orders that you want to change.
    2. Click the header for the detail of the label that you want to change.
    3. Make the change. If you're changing the total weight or shipping service, then click Apply after you make your change.

    Remove a label from the bulk purchase

    1. From the Create shipping labels page, select the order that you want to remove.
    2. Click the X order selected drop-down menu, and then click Remove X order.

    Addressing errors

    If there is an issue with a shipping label, then an error icon is displayed next to the label:

    • Warning - A yellow circular icon with an exclamation mark is displayed. This error doesn't prevent you from purchasing the label, but it might causes issues with the shipping carrier or customs.
    • Critical error - A red diamond-shaped icon with an exclamation mark is displayed. This error prevents you from buying the label, but after you fix the error, you can continue with your label purchase.

    Clicking the field with the error icon displays the error message.

    If any of your labels have a critical error, then the Review and buy button is deactivated. You need to either fix the error or remove the label from the bulk purchase.

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