Buying shipping labels in Canada

In Canada, you can purchase Shopify Shipping labels for Canada Post.

Before you buy your first shipping label

Review the details of using Canada Post with Shopify before purchasing your first label.

Also, make sure that you set the details of your default shipping package to keep your shipping fees accurate.

Buy a label

The cost of Canada Post shipping labels is displayed in CAD. After you buy a shipping label, the cost is billed to you in USD through your Shopify account. For more information, refer to Billing and taxes.


When you're ready to ship the order, you might be required to print the customs form separately and attach it to the outside of the package.

Buy and print multiple shipping labels

You can buy and print up to 50 shipping labels at a time from the Orders page in your Shopify admin. Use the checkboxes to select up to 50 orders that you want to buy shipping labels for.

The following kinds of orders aren't included when buying shipping labels in bulk:

  • orders that contain only items that do not require shipping
  • orders that don't have a valid shipping address
  • orders that are already fulfilled

If an order has already been partially fulfilled, then only the unfulfilled items are included in the bulk label purchase.


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