Changing and voiding Shopify Shipping labels

If you need to make a change to a shipping label, you need to void the label, make the changes to the order details, and then buy the label again.

Shipping label format

The format of a shipping label depends on which carrier and class you choose when you're buying a label. You can't edit the label format because each carrier has specific requirements for their labels.

If you purchase a label using Shopify Shipping, then it includes the order number that's in your Shopify admin. You can use the order number on the label to match packages to orders more easily. The placement of the order number varies between carriers.

Highlighted order number location on an example USPS label
Highlighted order number location on an example DHL label

To decrease the risk of shipping delays, make sure that all barcodes are easy to scan when you attach the label to the package. For example, make sure that barcodes on a shipping-tube label run lengthwise along the tube.

Change the shipping label size

If you need to change the format of a shipping label after you've purchased it, then void the label, and then repurchase the label with the correct label size.

Void a shipping label

You can void a shipping label if it meets the following requirements:

  • It has been less than 30 days since you bought the label.
  • There have been no tracking events on the label, such as the shipping carrier accepting the shipment.

After you void a shipping label, the cost of the label is credited to your account. This amount is applied to the cost of any shipping labels that you buy in the future. If the package has been shipped, then contact the carrier with the package reference number for help.


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