Shipping manifests

If you have multiple shipments to give to USPS, then you can create a shipping manifest that links all your shipments together in a single barcode. USPS also refers to these shipping manifests as Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice forms, or SCAN forms.

Creating a manifest means that when USPS comes to collect your shipments, or when you drop off your shipments, USPS can scan the single barcode on your manifest to accept your shipments, instead of scanning each shipment individually.

Each shipping label in the manifest must have the same shipping origin address and the same Shipping date.

Shipping dates

The shipping date for all labels on a manifest must match the date that you give manifest to USPS. To avoid any issues, set the shipping date to the day that you plan to use the manifest.

Voiding labels

If you void a shipping label that was added to a manifest, then the manifest is no longer useable. You must have USPS scan the other shipments in that manifest individually.

Cutoff times

To add shipping labels to the same day's manifest, you must purchase them by 9:00 pm local time at the location from where the items are shipped.

You can't add labels purchased after the cutoff time to the same day's manifest. If you're buying labels after the cutoff time, then you can postmark them to the next day and add them to the next day's manifest.

Install the Shipping Manifests app

To install the Shipping Manifests app, go to Enter your store's URL, and then click Install.

Only the account owner or staff with all available permissions can install the Shipping Manifests app.

Create a manifest

When you create a manifest, labels that meet the following conditions are added:

  • tracking is included in the label
  • the Shipping date is the same day that you’re creating the manifest
  • the label hasn’t been added to another manifest

To avoid issues with multiple manifests, it's best to create your manifest at the end of the day before you go to USPS.


  1. Create a new manifest using one of the following options:
    • From the app:
      1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Shipping Manifests.
      2. Click Create manifest.
    • From the Orders page:
      1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.
      2. Click More actions > Create manifests.
    • From the Print Order page:
      1. Click Create manifest.
  2. Select the fulfillment location. All available shipping labels from the fulfillment location will be added to the manifest.
  3. Click Create manifest.
  4. Click Print manifest.

Reprint a manifest

You can reprint a manifest up to 6 months after you created the manifest.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Shipping Manifests.
  2. Click the manifest.
  3. Click Print manifest.

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