Shipping label price adjustments

A shipping label price adjustment occurs when you purchase a shipping label and the carrier determines that you've chosen an incorrect shipping rate. After you have shipped your order, the correct postage amount is verified by USPS, DHL Express, or Canada Post. If you pay an incorrect amount to ship the order, either too little or too much, then your carrier will credit or debit your account for the difference. Your package will still be delivered even if there is an adjustment.

Price adjustment is a standard industry practice and all service providers follow this standard, so it's important that your shipping labels are accurate.

USPS shipping price adjustment example

Reasons for price adjustments

If your shipment is identified as needing a price adjustment, then the adjustment will show up in the order's timeline. The price adjustment is automatic and you'll receive a charge or credit to your Shopify account, which will appear on your next bill.

The following examples are possible reasons for price adjustments:

  • label package weight doesn't match actual weight of shipment
  • label package dimensions don't match actual dimensions of shipment
  • using a flat rate label with a non-flat rate box, or using a non-flat rate label with a flat rate box
  • using an incorrect mail class (for example, if packaging weight is above the maximum threshold for that mail class)
  • carrier charged a fee for preparing your shipment or non-customs documentation
  • return to sender fees.

Avoiding adjustments

You can avoid overpaying or underpaying for your shipping labels by making sure that your shipping and product settings are accurate.

There are a few things you can do to to make your shipping labels more accurate:

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