Searching your Shopify admin

You can use the admin search to find orders, products, or customers. When you're searching for a term or a phrase, you enter it in the Search field of your Shopify admin.

If you want to narrow down your search results, then use filters to select what type of search results are included. You can filter the search to include only orders, products, or customers. You can also search for results that aren't included in filters, such as gift cards, discount codes, or store staff.

You can't save these searches, but if you need to search for specific results often, then you can bookmark the search page in your browser. As long as you're logged in to Shopify, your bookmark takes you directly to the updated search results.

Search queries

You can search for specific results in your Shopify admin using a search query. A query is a string of text made up of terms, their connections, their modifiers, and rules about how to compare them. For example, See Search syntax in the Shopify developers documentation to read about the complete rules for searching your Shopify admin.

Examples of search queries

Example 1: Search for unfulfilled orders

To show orders that are unfulfilled but not fully or partially refunded, you can filter by orders and then search for:

fulfillment_status:unfulfilled AND NOT financial_status:refunded AND NOT financial_status:partially_refunded

Example 2: Search for a product tag

To show products tagged with new, you can filter by products and then search for:


However, if the word in your product tag is used in other tags, for example New Zealand, then you need to exclude results for those other tags. Filter by products, and then search for:

tag:new AND NOT tag:"new zealand"

Example 3: Search for orders that used a discount code

To search for orders that used a specific discount code, you can filter by orders and then search for:


Make sure to replace YOURCODE with the discount code that you want to search for.

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