Searching your Shopify admin

You can use the search bar to find apps, customers, orders, products, sales channels, and other information within your Shopify admin. The search bar is at the top of your Shopify admin. Click the search bar, or press ctrl + K on a PC or command + K on a Mac to jump directly to the search bar.

The search bar lists your most recent searches, and has a filter button to allow you to filter your results to specific types of information.

Search results list a maximum of seven items. If there are more then seven results, then click Show more results to list up to 20 additional results at a time. When you start typing your results, two additional buttons also display at the bottom of the search results. Click these buttons to search for results in either the Shopify App Store or the Help Center.

Filter results

When you open the search bar, the following five filters are featured by default:

  • Apps
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Sales channels

Click the filter icon, or press / to return all available filters. Then from the list of filters, select the filter you would like to apply.

As you type your results, up to five smart filters display with the results count indicated. These filters update as you continue to input your search.

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