Bulk editing products and variants

With the bulk editor, which is similar to a spreadsheet, you can edit multiple products and their variants at once from your Shopify admin. You can also use the bulk editor to edit collections, customers, inventory, and online store blog posts and pages.

The web browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are recommended for using the bulk editor. The bulk editor works by adding parameters to URLs. This can result in URLs that exceed Internet Explorer's limitation for URL length, so using IE to access the bulk editor might lead to errors. The other browsers do not have the same URL limitation as IE.

The following instructions also work for collections, customers, inventory, and online store blog posts and pages. Different properties are available for editing based on what you are modifying.

Select products to edit in bulk

You can bulk edit products from the Products page in your Shopify admin.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products.

  2. Using the check boxes, select each of the products that you want to modify. If you want to edit variants of just one product, then select only that product.

  3. Click Edit products.

    Bulk edit products button

Select product properties to edit in bulk

The Bulk editor page displays the products that you selected and some of their editable properties in a table.

Each column in the table represents a product property. Each row in the table represents a selected product or variant.

The Currently editing these fields area lists which product properties you are currently editing.

Add a property


  1. Click Add fields. A list of editable properties appears.

  2. Click a property to add that property to the table for editing.

  3. If you want to add multiple properties, then repeat this procedure.

Remove a property

Click the x next to a product property to stop editing that property.

Edit product properties in bulk

When you have selected all of the properties that you want to edit, you can click fields within the table to type new data or edit existing data.


  1. Click and type within a field in the table to edit the property (column) for that product or variant (row). You can edit as many products and properties as you like.

  2. Click Save to save all of the product changes that you've made using the bulk editor.

Shortcuts in the bulk editor

Use the following shortcuts to navigate and edit properties in the bulk editor quickly:

  • Move between cells - Click to select a table cell, and then press an arrow key to move to the next editable cell in that direction.
  • Select multiple cells with your mouse - Hold the Alt key on a PC or the command key on a Mac and click different cells to select multiple cells. The cells that you select do not need to be adjacent to one another.
  • Select multiple adjacent cells with your mouse - Click to select a cell, then hold the shift key and click another cell in the same column to select that cell and all of the cells between it and the first cell.
  • Select multiple cells with your keyboard - Click to select a cell, and then hold the shift key and press the up or down arrow keys multiple times to select multiple cells in a line above or below the current cell.
  • Edit multiple cells - When you have selected multiple table cells, you can edit all of the selected cells at once. This works for typing text and numbers, clicking checkboxes, and using drop-down menus in the selected cells.

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