Sidekick is an AI-enabled commerce assistant designed to make it easier for you to start, run, and grow your business on Shopify. Powered by Shopify Magic, Sidekick is trained to know all of Shopify and access the context, data, and knowledge to generate highly personalized and relevant support for a range of tasks. With Sidekick, you can use everyday language to have meaningful conversations that jump-start the creative process, improve the quality of your store, tackle time-consuming tasks, and help inform your business decisions regardless of your level of expertise or technical skill.

Sidekick is trained to know all of Shopify and is designed to operate within the context of each merchant's shop. As new content is added and actions are taken, Sidekick takes these into account as it generates suggestions or completes tasks. Sidekick is never allowed to make changes to your shop without your approval and will only present options for you to review and approve.

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