Shopify admin overview

Depending on the device you're using, you can do different things in your admin. If you log in to your Shopify admin from a browser, then you can manage all aspects of your store. If you log in to the Shopify app from your phone, then you can view your store's recent activity, update your store's catalog, and manage your orders.

If your admin is down or isn't loading, then check Shopify Status to determine if there's an active issue.

Shopify admin

You can access the different sections of the Shopify admin by using the sidebar. Sections of the Shopify admin include:

Search apps and sales channels

In the search bar, you can click the Apps or Sales channels button to narrow your search. The search button lists all installed sales channels and apps. Click any sales channel or app to open the page for that item.

The search bar includes recommendations for apps or channels you might want to consider installing.

To view recommended sales channels, click the Recommended sales channels button. Click any sales channel for more information.

To view recommended apps, click the Recommended apps button. Click any app for more information.

Apps and Channels

Your apps and sales channels are located in the sidebar of your Shopify admin. Items in this area include:

  • Sales channels, including Online Store, Point of Sale, and Buy Button
  • Apps installed on your account
  • The Shop sales channel

If you have accounts in more than one Shopify store, then you can use the dropdown to navigate to those stores.

Pinning apps and channels

You can "pin" your favorite apps and channels. A pinned app is added to the bottom of the item list (for example, sales channels or apps), and always displays in that list for quick navigation. You can rearrange your pinned apps and channels by clicking and dragging an item to a new position in the corresponding list.

To pin an app or channel, open the app or channel from your admin. Click the pin icon to keep the app or channel in your list. Click and drag the item to change its position. You can also pin an app or channel by dragging it directly to the preferred position in the side bar after opening it.

To unpin an app or channel, click the pin icon at the top of the app or sales channel header. To navigate to this app or channel in the future, use the search bar or the left sidebar navigation.

Apps and sales channels settings

Access the Settings page for your apps and sales channels from the search bar. You can also click Settings > Apps and sales channels from the left sidebar.

On the apps and sales channels settings page, you can Remove the app or channel, visit the Shopify app store, or Get support for the app or sales channel. Access the About page through the overflow menu in the header of any currently open embedded app. Clicking the name of an app or sales channel opens the item in your Shopify admin.

Alerts feed

The alerts feed notifies you of important, time-sensitive information or required actions in your store. You might receive alerts for the following scenarios:

  • A task that can prevent a disruption to your business activities or regular use of Shopify.
  • A disruption to your business activities or regular use of Shopify.
  • A communication of product compliance.
  • Confirmation of a monetary transaction between you and Shopify.
  • Confirmation that a time-consuming process that you initiated has been completed.

Click the bell icon in the admin to open the alerts feed. The number of unseen alerts displays as a number next to the bell icon.

Within the alerts feed, you can click a specific alert to take action on that alert. You can toggle specific alerts as read or unread, or mark all alerts as read.

Store activity

Any changes to the store that are made by the store owner or staff members are recorded in the Store activity log. Each event includes the date and time the event occurred, as well as the person, app, or channel that completed the action.

Click Settings > Store activity log to view your store activity log.

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