Update company location metafield

The Update company location metafield action adds a metafield to the company location that triggers the workflow, or updates an existing metafield on that company location.

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The Update company location metafield action contains the following fields.

Fields used in the Update company location metafield action.
Metafield namespaceRequired. A metafield namespace is a container for a group of metafields. Grouping metafields within a namespace prevents your metafields from conflicting with other metafields.
KeyRequired. A key is an identifier for the metafield value.
ValueRequired. The value is the information to be stored in the metafield. The value is always stored as a string, regardless of the metafield's type.
TypeThe data type of the metafield's value.


The Update company location metafield action has a hidden field added to it by the trigger. This field, Company Location ID, identifies the company location to add a metafield to. The company location ID is set by default and can't be changed.

The Update company location metafield action can be used in workflows that start with the following triggers:


Example of a workflow that adds a company location metafield when a company location is created

In this example workflow, a metafield location.type is added with the value of headquarters to all company locations that are created with the note main location.

API details

To learn more, review the MetafieldInput input object.

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