Liquid support in Flow

Developers who are experienced with Shopify Liquid can add Liquid to text fields in actions. If you aren't familiar with Shopify Liquid, then use the Add template variables window to add Liquid to your messages.

Flow supports most of Shopify Liquid, but there are some exceptions that are described here.

Conditional and iteration tags

You can manually add Liquid variable tags to your workflow messages. You can use these tags to include more information in your messages.

For example, you can use a for loop object to iterate through a list of objects, such as line items for an order. With these tags, you can create messages that contain details, such as the product title, SKU, price, and quantity for each line item in an order, and save your recipients from having to look up this information in your Shopify admin.

Flow supports all Shopify Liquid conditional (or control flow) tags:

Flow also supports all Shopify Liquid iteration tags:


Flow supports the following Shopify Liquid filters:

Filters that Shopify Liquid supports in Flow
Filter name Filter type
abs Math
append String
at_least Math
at_most Math
capitalize String
ceil Math
concat Array
date Additional
default Additional
divided_by Math
downcase String
escape String
first Array
floor Math
join Array
last Array
lstrip String
map Array
minus Math
modulo Math
newline_to_br String
plus Math
prepend String
remove String
remove_first String
replace String
replace_first String
reverse Array
round Math
rstrip String
size Array
slice String
sort Array
split String
strip String
strip_html String
strip_newlines String
times Math
truncate String
truncatewords String
uniq Array
upcase String
url_encode String
where Array


View examples of messages and notes that use Liquid.

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