The Wait action delays the next action or condition in a workflow until a set amount of time passes. When the workflow reaches the Wait action, all the following steps in the workflow are delayed until the wait time expires.

Changing an active workflow that uses the Wait action might have unexpected results. Before you make changes to a workflow using this action, determine whether you have active runs of the workflow in waiting status by referring to the Activity page. If a workflow with the Wait action has triggered and has active runs in waiting status, then the following occurs:

  • If you edit the workflow to change conditions or actions after the wait period, then when the active run resumes it uses the updated version of the workflow instead of the original version.
  • If you deactivate or delete the workflow, then active runs in waiting status are stopped. The workflow is marked as cancelled.


The Wait action contains the following fields.

Fields used in the Wait action.
Field Description
How long to wait The amount of time to delay before the workflow proceeds to the next step. By default, the delay is set to 0 seconds. To set the time delay, do the following:
  • Enter the amount of time to delay by. The amount can be a whole number or a decimal amount, such as 2.5.
  • Select the time period to delay by.


The Wait action can be used in any workflow.


Example of a workflow that waits 1 day before sending a email

In this example workflow, the wait action is used to delay the remaining actions and conditions in the workflow until 1 day passes. After 1 day, if the order has not been fulfilled, an email is sent.

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