Considerations for using Shopify Tax

Calculations using Shopify Tax are available only for certain transactions, where the order must be destined for a location in the United States. If a tax calculation can't be performed using Shopify Tax, then the tax calculation is performed by using registration-based, non-rooftop accurate calculations. For more information, refer to US taxes or to registration-based tax settings.

Calculations using Shopify Tax aren't available in the following scenarios:

  • Orders that are shipped to a country other than the United States.
  • Third-party app and API-generated orders, such as Buy Button, Facebook and Amazon orders.
  • Orders that contain one or more products with an associated product or shipping rate tax override.
  • Resort Tax is not automatically included in Shopify Tax's calculations. If you need to add Resort Tax to your transactions, then you need to use Manual Tax.
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