Avalara for Shopify

Avalara for Shopify is paid sales tax software that provides automated tax determination in a cloud-based tax engine. You can integrate Avalara for Shopify with your Shopify store by adding it as a tax app.

Avalara provides the following benefits:

  • All the features included in the Shopify Plus Avalara AvaTax app, including:
    • accurate and up-to-date tax codes from more than 12,000 jurisdictions
    • tax rules to meet your business needs
    • tax rules per product
    • accurate reports of taxes for your business
  • Additional features and improvements, including:
    • syncing product and item catalog information between Shopify and Avalara to allow tax code mapping
    • enhanced ease of use for getting started and for ongoing tax profile management
    • increased accuracy of tax determination based on product taxability, including exempt products, partially exempt products, and tax holidays
    • removes the need to manually upload products to map to tax codes
    • end-to-end tracking across transaction lifecycle - track and edit transactions from cart to fulfillment
    • removes the need to make manual adjustments for reporting
    • accounts for order modifications

Avalara is a paid tax solution that requires a direct contract between you and Avalara. There is no additional cost from Shopify for integrating Avalara with your Shopify store. For more information on pricing, functionality, and how to set up an account, contact Avalara.

If you've already downloaded the Avalara app and need additional guidance on setup or configuration, then refer to the Avalara for Shopify help center page or contact Avalara support.

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