Tax apps

You can use a third-party tax app to manage the way that you charge tax to your customers instead of using Shopify's tax settings. Learn more about gaining access to Shopify's tax platform and using third-party tax apps.

Before you install a third-party tax app, review the following considerations:

  • Third-party apps require an account with the tax service provider before you can activate the app in your Shopify admin. Before you install a tax app, set up an account with the service that provides the app, and have your login credentials ready.
  • Tax apps require a complete shipping origin address to calculate taxes. Before you install a tax app, verify that your locations have full and complete addresses.
  • If a tax app is temporarily unavailable, then your tax settings in the Shopify admin are used to provide backup tax collection. Before you install a tax app, ensure that your Shopify tax settings are up-to-date.
  • If your store uses B2B and has a company with saved tax information, then this information is transmitted to the tax app provider to calculate tax exemptions.
  • Tax apps provide sales tax calculations in all countries and regions, replacing most of the settings in your Shopify admin. However, some settings in Shopify remain active when you use a tax app:

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