Tax services with Avalara AvaTax

Avalara AvaTax is sales tax software that automates tax calculations and the tax filing process. Avalara provides real-time tax rates from more than 12,000 taxing jurisdictions (whereas Shopify's taxes are based on ZIP codes).

If your store is on Shopify Plus, then you can activate Avalara AvaTax in your Shopify admin to charge taxes in your store using Avalara’s services instead of Shopify’s built-in tax engine. Avalara AvaTax also works for Shopify POS on Android and iOS devices.

You can use Avalara AvaTax to:

  • get accurate and up-to-date tax codes from more than 12,000 jurisdictions
  • fine-tune a set of tax rules to meet your business’s needs
  • create accurate reports of your business’s taxes

Limitations and known issues

  • The Avalara AvaTax app supports VAT but not VAT exemptions. You can use Avalara to calculate VAT taxes, but Avalara can't collect VAT IDs, which are required for exemption reporting and returns.

  • If you refund a dollar amount for an order without also selecting an item or restock quantity, then the refunded tax amount won't be applied to a specific item, and a return document won't be created in Avatax Console.

  • You need to set up your Shopify Tax settings, even when you use Avalara AvaTax. If Avalara is temporarily unavailable, then your Shopify tax rates are used to calculate the taxes for your orders.

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