Registering a Google Maps API key

You can add a map section to your theme to show the location of your business. Many of the free themes from Shopify include a map section that you can add to your home page.

For the map to display, you will need to register a Google Maps API key and include it in the map section settings in the theme editor.

Using the Google Maps Platform

By using Google's API to add a map section to your theme, you are agreeing to the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service.

On June 11, 2018, the Google Maps Platform is introducing a number of changes to how Google Maps APIs are organized and used. Using these APIs will require setting up a billing account with the Google Maps Platform. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be charged a monthly fee to use the service. You are provided a monthly credit on an ongoing basis to cover services up to a threshold.

For more information about pricing, see the Google Maps Platform pricing and billing documentation.

Register a Google Maps API key

You can register a Google Maps API key.


  1. Visit the Google Maps Platform page and click Get started.

  2. Select the Places product to get the APIs that are needed to work with the free themes Map section.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. The Select a project step asks you to associate a name with your use of Google's APIs. Either create a new name or select an existing project.

  5. After agreeing to the terms of service, click Next.

  6. Create a billing account with the Google Maps Platform. A billing account is a requirement in the new Google Maps Platform. For more information, see the Google Maps Platform pricing and billing documentation.

  7. After enabling the Google Maps Platform, copy your new Google Maps API key to your clipboard.

Add your Google Maps API key to your theme

You can add your Google Maps API key to your theme.


  1. Find the theme that you want to edit and click Customize.

  2. Click Sections.

  3. Click Add section.

  4. Click Map > Add.

  5. Enter the information for your map. In the Google Maps API key field, paste your Google Maps API key.

  6. Click Save.

If there is ever an error in communicating with Google Maps Platform's APIS, the map will be replaced by the background image or color that you have specified in the theme editor.

Restrict API access to only your store

Google Maps Platform will prompt you to restrict access to your API. Your API key is a unique identifier for your map section, so you can prevent others from using your API key by restricting its access to only your domains.

Example of entering multiple websites to restrict API access


  1. Go to the Google API credentials page.

  2. Select your project from the menu.

  3. Choose the API key that you generated to begin editing.

  4. Under Application restrictions, click HTTP referrers (web sites) and enter any domain associated with your store, including your domain. For example, if you have a custom domain, then enter both* and*.

  5. Click Save.

Alternatives to using the Google Maps Platform

If you want to display a map on your website, but not use the Google Maps Platform's services, you can place an embedded map on your page.

Embedded maps use an HTML <iframe> which can be placed into any page or homepage section that provides a rich text input field.

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