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Resolving concerns about an Exchange Marketplace listing or transaction

Some reasons to contact us about an Exchange Marketplace listing might be:

  • The seller is encouraging you not to pay them using Escrow.com.
  • The seller is asking you if you'd like them to build a new online store for you.
  • You submitted payment to Escrow, but have not been transferred the assets yet.
  • The seller is withholding important information that impacts your Exchange Marketplace transaction, such as order fulfillment details, tracking numbers, or social media logins.

We want to make sure that you have a great experience finding your dream business on Exchange Marketplace. If you have concerns about an Exchange Marketplace listing, or if you have a bad experience with an Exchange Marketplace transaction, then please email us at exchange-support@shopify.com and include a link to the Exchange Marketplace listing in question in your email.

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