Resolving concerns about an Exchange Marketplace listing or transaction

Some reasons to contact us about an Exchange Marketplace listing might be:

  • The seller is encouraging you not to pay them using
  • The seller is asking you if you'd like them to build a new online store for you.
  • You submitted payment to Escrow, but have not been transferred the assets yet.
  • The seller is withholding important information that impacts your Exchange Marketplace transaction, such as order fulfillment details, tracking numbers, or social media logins.

We want to make sure that you have a great experience finding your dream business on Exchange Marketplace. If you have concerns about an Exchange Marketplace listing, or if you have a bad experience with an Exchange Marketplace transaction, then contact Exchange Marketplace support. Use the email address that is associated with your Exchange Marketplace account and include a link to the Exchange Marketplace listing in question in your email.

Cancelling a transaction

You can cancel the Escrow transaction within your account before you agree to the terms and submit payment. There's a Cancel button on the transaction details screen. If you agree to the terms and submit your payment, then your ability to cancel the transaction depends on how far the transaction has progressed.

Cancelling after payment and before the inspection period

If you want to cancel the transaction after you submit your payment, but before the inspection period, both you and the seller have to send an email to to let Escrow Support know that you both agree to cancel the transaction.

Cancelling during and after the inspection period

When the seller transfers the milestones to you in Escrow and you mark the milestones as received, your inspection period begins. If you decide not to proceed with the transaction, then you begin a return process. During this process, you mark the milestones as rejected, and then you return them to the seller. The seller must also accept the return of the milestones. If the seller accepts the return of the milestones, then Escrow returns the funds to you, minus the Escrow fee. Escrow does not return their fee because the Escrow service was used in some capacity to process your funds securely.

If the seller doesn't accept the return of milestones, then you and the seller will enter the negotiation, and possibly the arbitration period.

Cancelling after the milestones are accepted

If you complete your inspection period and accept the milestones in the transaction, then it's not possible to cancel the transaction anymore. The transaction is considered to be finalized at this point.

Customer refund requests

If you receive a refund request for an order placed under previous ownership, then some payment gateways such as Shopify Payments can't process the refund. If possible, collaborate with the seller to arrange a refund. If you can't work with the seller to find a refund solution, then advise the customer to contact their bank or credit card issuer to initiate a dispute or chargeback to receive a refund.

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